10 Website Tweaks You Should Make If You Want More Traffic (For Beginners)

What is the 1 Key File That Google Wants on Your Website? And How to Create it For Free

Google wants to see one specific file on your website. This one file is an XML Sitemap. Some of us have sitemaps on our website. If we want to get a look at all the files and pages on a website you use the sitemap. But those are usually HTML sitemaps.

Why Use PHP on Your Website?

PHP or the lengthy term known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a programming language used for creating or enhancing webpages. Most common use of PHP is with databases, but it does have many more uses. If you have a website and predict in the future multiple pages being added, PHP may be for you.

The Benefits of Bringing Your Dental Practice Online

In recent years, the expansion of the internet has changed the way businesses develop and implement their marketing strategies. With so many businesses advertising online, it has become essential to add online promotion as part of the marketing plan.

Build Business Website – A Simple Checklist to Go Through Before You Start

Before you begin creating your website, it’s important to understand clearly, what you want to accomplish. This checklist will help you with that. As always, preparation is the key. You might not need to use all. Just use what works for you.

How to Build a Website With 2 Simple Tools

Building your own web page or website shouldn’t be as difficult a process as you may at first have thought. As with other various issues in life, the simple act of merely believing that everything pertaining to constructing an internet website is beyond your capabilities only make things worse than they actually are.

Know All About Web Application Development

Business organizations that work with a lot of planning have used web applications very intelligently for their B to B or B to C interactions. This web application development has been extremely helpful for companies in planning long-term relationships with their clients and customers.

Professional Web Development For Better Sales

Small businesses have to try very hard for establishing themselves among the big giants. The task of making a position for oneself among the established names is tough but it is possible. They can emerge above the rest of their competitors irrespective of their size by creating a little difference.

The FTP Method of File Transfer

Most people don’t know how they can transfer files to their website servers. Read the article to get informed on the mode of file transfer commonly known as FTP.

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