5 Tips For Using Instagram Hashtags For More Exposure (For Beginners)

The Importance of a Webmaster

In today’s competitive atmosphere, no business – not even a small business – can afford to be without a website. However, having a website is just the beginning.

Established Websites For Sale

When we see a banner or an advertisement that websites are for sale or an ad for established websites for sale, we think about the website is that it is available to the general public for sale. This assumption is for all the internet savvy people who understand technical terms like domain name acquisition, internet properties, Google AdSense revenue, affiliate income from web properties.

Who’s on First? What’s on Second?

How many of you out in the great internet beyond have decided to start a business with a website? Do you get an email address first or a website?

5 Big Problems With Cheap Websites

Owners of cheap websites find a number of expensive problems after delivery. This article exposes the most serious of these and how to avoid breaking the law.

Website Development is Not an Idiot’s Job

Website development is not new to this world, so while its getting older concept, it is changing a perception from being an intelligent job to an idiot’s job. I am trying to explain in this article that website development is not an idiot’s job, it demands more intelligence than any other job in the world.

Full Time PHP Programmer Or Fixed Cost? What Model is Good For You?

I have tried to differentiate two models of outsourcing projects with their advantages and disadvantages. One can assign a fixed cost PHP programming project or one can hire a full time PHP programmer for one or more projects.

Importance of Having a Relevant Landing Page on Your Site

The importance of a landing page cannot be underestimated and can be better understood only if we have a clear plan of what a landing page exactly is. The home page of a company is effectively the most valuable page of the company. This particular page is an introduction to the company and has all the information about the company in a specific structure which is accurate and to the point.

A Look at the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

Many people are interested in using the Internet to promote their business. Knowing the difference between web design and web development is important because while the terms are often used in place of one another, they are two very different things. Being able to speak with the people who are creating your website and use the proper terms can help reduce misunderstandings and speed up the creation process.

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