6 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways for WordPress

Developing Lightweight BPM In SharePoint 2013

SharePoint based BPM is a preferred approach for businesses that need a lightweight business process implementation and already have an investment in SharePoint. For organizations that have already invested in a SharePoint infrastructure can use the same platform to create a lightweight BPM solution.

7 Essential WordPress Plugins From 2015 That Echo Into 2016

2015 was an eventful year for plugins and some crossed over to 2016. WordPress being an open source software that powers millions of websites on the planet, also has countless plugins. Owners are allowed to extend the functionality of their WordPress websites using plugins. Whether you want to add a contact form, custom image gallery, Twitter feed or any other feature, there is a plugin for almost everything. Here are 7 effective plugins that are sure to create ripples in 2016 as well.

Some Reasons To Create Your Own Website

To grow in this competitive world the first thing you need is to create your own brand in the national and international market. For this the first thing you need to do is to create your company’s website.

Make Your Business More Efficient and Resourceful With Salesforce Customization

Efficiency and resourcefulness are two virtues that most businesses always strive to have. Their presence make a great difference to the capabilities while their absence often proves to be catastrophic for even most celebrated of organizations in the world.

Hire a Joomla Developer and Utilize the Best Platform to Get a Business-Friendly Website

A website is often the first point of contact for users on the internet to reach either you or your business. It’s the website that creates awareness of your products and services, and draws customers’ attention towards the business.

Get the Best of Web-Based Solutions Designed With Joomla Development

Your business needs a website to reach the internet and benefit from an ever-growing marketplace. To get a top-quality website developed, you will need a robust and feature-rich platform capable of enhancing the competencies of the business.

Mobilize Your Joomla Website Through Smart Phones

Websites that do not load correctly on regular desktops can be annoying. Websites that do not load properly on a smart phone are just a nightmare and hard to remedy. If a mobile customer cannot reach the website that is in mind, then there goes a visitor and potential customer.

What We Hope to See in HTML6

HTML has been taking over the web with significant development in the recent years. With so many changes occurring, high hopes are attached to the development of HTML6.

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