7 Best Web Push Notification Software in 2021 Compared

Why You Should Be Using CSSLint In Web Development

CSSLint is software that has been designed to look at code and flag any bad programming practices that may have occurred during the web development process. Whilst you may think that you are total coding genius, it is important to remember that no one is perfect and that, sometimes, little mistakes manage to slip through. This is why it is beneficial to have these sorts of tools to help us out.

Web Development – An Overarching Term

To make it simpler – any work that is involved in the overall process of making a website functional is well-qualified to be considered in the category of web development. This may comprise web design, web content development, coding, security, privacy, encryption, e-Commerce among others.

How to Make Your Content Readable on a Smartphone

If you are an avid reader on your smartphone, chance is you have encountered many unreadable sites. This is because these sites have not yet converted their sites to “responsive” ones.

Website Development – Tips To Consider

With the ever increasing number of internet users all over the globe, website design and development has turned into one of the most sought after profession in the world. And, it is not at all surprising that quite a number of professionals as well as commercial organizations are providing a wide range of industry specific services regarding website design and development to their clients.

Important Tips For Developing A Website

While developing a website to serve your personal purpose or as an online window for your small business make sure that your site do not irritate your visitors with pop up advertisements.Clear other unnecessary visual disturbances so that they stop coming back to your site completely.

Struts Interview Questions – Is It Just About the Technical Questions?

When looking for an IT professional proficient in the struts framework, it would be easy to focus simply on their technical abilities. However, experienced recruitment professionals will tell you that there are a range of other skills that are also critical. This article explores the additional skills you need to find to ensure the IT professional you employ is right for your organization.

How Do I Build My Own Website – Getting Started

The thought of creating a website can be a huge challenge for many people. This Article gives the newcomer some direction on how they can build a website.

Steps Towards Creating Your Own Website

Though everyone can create their own website, people usually think that it is very difficult to do so. There are various tutorials available on the internet like HTML, CSS and PHP, however, if you follow the steps stated in this article, then you will find it very easy to create your own web page and use it effectively. This article will take you step-by-step through the whole website building process so read and follow it carefully!

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