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Website Value Calculator – Know What Your Website is Worth Before Selling It

We all know how important it is to have a website of your own when you are into an online business. If you would like to maintain your own website or if you are selling them to earn some money, it is definitely important for you to know what is the true value of your websites. How do you do this? With the help of a website value calculator you will now have the ability to know your site’s worth.

The Wrong Way to Wireframe

A few years back, a wireframe was mainly a document cataloguing a long list of page elements… pretty dull to read. Its main goal was to specify a website or a piece of software.

The Benefits of PSD to HTML Conversion

In the world of web designing the current trend among the designers is to convert PSD to HTML. If one looks at the reasons for such popularity of the conversion process, he or she would come across not only but multiple reasons.

An Effective Strategy For Your Web Site Updates That is Quick and Easy

Not enough time to enhance your website? You need to spend just 2 hours per week.

Website Development and Its Promotion

Website development comprises a lot more than simply designing a page layout and writing down the codes to make it work on the world wide web (WWW). The main objective of making a website in the first place is for it to be viewed by all and sundry and in turn to generate the right amount of business.

Overcoming the Global Financial Turmoil

It isn’t quite rare to hear that a certain company was badly affected by the global financial crisis and while some company weren’t able to withstand the changes that eventually happened. Business venturing online with the expert help from web design companies is definitely the best solution for most companies who want to turn the situation to their favor.

Website Development Costs Part 2 – Key Reasons Professional Services Are Worth the Money

It is important to know why you should hire a professional website developer to create your website. There are many website design tools available to anyone, but most business people don’t have the time or patience to create their own website. And for those who think they do, the end result is often…

Website Development Costs Part 1 – What to Expect

Does it really cost that much? You know what I mean; your friend told you he could get your website built for $200. While the guy from the web design company said. “It will be around $3500 to $5000 based on your requirements.” So you go with your friend’s cheap price. Now, you’re stuck with…

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