How To Activate An SSL In Hostinger

Pitfalls of Designing Your Own Site

Building a website is just the same as any other kind of design, isn’t it? Why not find the pitfalls and risks of site building BEFORE you get caught out by these “GOTCHA”s.

Native Mobile Apps Vs Web Based Apps

Apple’s refusal to allow Adobe Flash on its mobile devices, namely the iPad and iPhone, has seen the company come under a lot of fire since the first iPhone was released in 2007. While Apple insists that Flash is a dying format, many in the industry think it poses a threat to the dominance of Apple’s iTunes store, and would allow anyone to make applications for the phone without Apple’s approval.

Your Brand and Your Site

It’s important once you have decided on your domain and have set up your web site that you use it appropriately. Your site should not only reflect your brand with color scheme and logo but should be more than simply your online business card.

It’s All in the Message – Why Your Web Site’s Content Matters

It’s time to go digital. Making the commitment to a strong web presence is more important now than ever. Just keep your message in mind during the process.

Sell PDF Files Online – Selling Documents and Downloads With PayPal

I want to start selling PDF files online but I don’t know where to begin. Selling pdf files or any downloadable document appears to be difficult and expensive. I don’t want to have to keep paying monthly fees for my PDF files sold for me. What do I need to do to start selling PDF files for free and from my website? Do you have questions and thoughts like these roaming through your mind?

Be Seen: Importance of Having Your Own Business Website

Increase your ROI with local SEO. Attract local customers with local SEO.

How to Build an Effective Landing Page – Choose Domain Name and Hosting

Landing page is a gate of business selling funnel. It is the place where the first time the potential customer will see products or services offered by a seller. No matter how good the products are, even if we have the best products in the world, it will be useless if the landing page is bad. No one will even think to buy our product. Landing page is a general term, as previously said, it is a page of our website where we expect people to land on. For that reason, landing page shall also have enough relevant keyword so that the search engine will be able to index our page and finally will send a massive potential buyer in.

Choosing the Appropriate iPhone Application Development Firm

The popularity of iPhone is increasing exponentially. The features of the iPhone enable the user of the iPhone to access the internet as well as other array of facilities. When the number of iPhone is increasing such rapidly there is a formation of another market segment.

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