How to Add a Button in Your WordPress Header Menu

How to Get Started in Website Development

Starting a website. Staring a website can be a daunting prospect, but due to advances in online programs and applications it does not need to be a difficult thing to achieve. Some people may already have an existing business or you may want to try a new business venture.

WordPress Express Review – Excellent for Newbies

Building a website can be a frustrating and expensive endeavor. This article reviews a newer version of the WordPress website family, WordPress Express. Insights into easy of use and website functionality are shared.

Presenting Information Well, Too Difficult for Web Developers?

We all know that a well thought out site with clear layout and navigation makes the whole user experience far more pleasing for a visitor and encourages repeat and longer visits. So why then, when it comes to presenting numerical information do the majority of web developers get this so wrong?

iPhone Application Development Realizes Imagination

iPhone is among one of the most popular brands of smart phones available in the market. The number of iPhones is increasing rapidly.

The Costly Mistake of Hiring a Web Designer For Web Development

Most business owners don’t realize the difference between web design and web development. Not being aware of the difference between the two could cost a business a lot of wasted time and resources.

Are Google Analytics Useful For Your Cosmetic Surgery Website?

Google provides some rather helpful tools to marketers and the webmasters that look after websites, cosmetic surgery websites included. One such tool is Google Analytics and it is an important one as it allows you to measure the amount of traffic your cosmetic surgery website is getting. This free tool helps you to track not only how much traffic you are getting, but also where your visitors are coming to your practice from, and what sort of keywords they are using to search for you.

Reasons to Hire osCommerce Developer

With so many things going on in the field of information technology, the development of os-commerce and e-commerce has made things quiet easier for people around the globe. These days, you will find companies are working hard on osCommerce website designing. There are trained developers and programmers who help to develop the formation of the e-commerce application.

Small Business Websites And Proper Design Principles

The primary concern for small business websites is to work under a restricted space of options and still provide the right balance of design innovation and functionality for all its users. All your revenues would be directly based on input traffic so you need to build something that can generate a steady input stream of visitors on a daily basis. Depending upon the requirements, it might seem like a difficult task but all of these goals can be easily achieved as long as you use the right tips and techniques.

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