How To Add Categories In WordPress [2021] Tutorial Guide

Website Design: What to Avoid

This article explains what to avoid when designing a website. The target audience for this article is small to medium business owners.

How Important Is the Content of an Event Website

Do you know what it takes to create a great event website? Most of the time organizers use eye-catching logos, exciting color schemes and attractive images to create the website for their upcoming event. In reality very few of these great websites can actually help you secure registrants. Experts believe that the content of a website contributes towards its popularity. Hence, you should be essentially careful while composing headers, providing contact info, adding testimonials, and presenting information about your event.

Creating the Best Business Website With Exchange Mail Server Hosting

If you have decided to create a website for your business or your business idea that is just blooming, you may assume that all web hosting is the same. Web hosting is not one size fits all.

You Can Make Your Own Free Website

What happens when you have very limited funds to create a website? First, you do not need to panic and assume that you won’t be able to have a website made. While it is true that you might not be able to pay a professional website designer, the notion that you will not be able to produce and publish a website just isn’t the case.

Best Online Website Development Tools

This article explains which website tools are worth it. The target audience for this article is small to medium business owners.

Typical Downfalls To Avoid In Creating A Logo Design

A logo is definitely an emblem that is representative of your company. It works as your corporate identity, and this will be extensively marketed to the public at large, hence your enterprise should get a powerful and memorable design.

Creating A Mobile Version: Common Pitfalls

With more and more users surfing the web with handheld devices, web site owners cannot afford not to offer a mobile version of their web site. However, web designers still have difficulties handling this range of new technologies. Too often, I have come across common pitfalls when surfing the web with a mobile device. They are annoying, but can be avoided easily.

What a PSD To WordPress Conversion Service Provider Can Do for You

Oftentimes, people want to alter their WP website source codes to extend the site’s default functionality and hire a dedicated WordPress developer from any professional Photoshop to WordPress conversion service provider. The reason is simple – the task of WP theme/ template integration and customization is a complex process that might result in headaches in case you do not have a profound understanding of PHP, XHTML and CSS languages and WordPress functions.

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