How To Connect Google Page Speed Using Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

iPhone Application – Starting a New Chapter in Communication

Ever since the iPhone has been launched into the market by its manufacturers the Apple Inc, it has been selling like hot cakes. Not only its design but also its features are amazing and unique. The entertainment features are in plenty.

What Do They Mean When They Say “Landing Page?”

Many people have heard the terms “Landing Page” or “Squeeze Page” when associated with a company’s website. But what do they mean when they say “landing page”? It’s quite simple actually, a “Landing Page” is just an individual page on the web that’s entire purpose is to provide information on a specific product, service, or event and give the visitor a link to purchase the product or sign up for the event.

Creating a Killer CPA Firm Website That Sells

This articles written by a practicing CPA teaches CPA firm practitioners how to avoid common mistakes with their website. A large percentage of CPA firms purchase a website from a service provider that sells generic website templates that simply don’t work in the real world. If your website is nothing but unique and looks cheap to boot – you will turn prospects away. Distance yourself from the crowd and be different from your competitors.

Some Android Applications That Can Make Your Holidays Enjoyable

The features of Android phone justify it being called a smart phone. This device is not only for the purpose of telecommunication but also for a range of other purposes.

Making Your Own Website – Some Advise

There are number of reasons why people would want to make their own websites. Websites require a lot of time to be made and you need to know the language of computers to be able to do it well. You need to have done a basic course in web designing to know how to handle the load that designing a website brings.

Tips for Making Your Websites Load Faster

The Internet has bought many changes to our society. The Internet, with all of its advantages and speed has made us much more impatient. We want information and we want it fast. Slow page loads are harmful to our online success since people expect speed. There are several causes for slow page loads. Here are some tips for making your websites load faster.

Agile – It’s Not All Sugar and Spice

There is a big internal battle raging within software development today; it’s between satisfying the needs of the client and safe-guarding against disaster. This shouldn’t inspire a paranoid outlook, but rather invite caution and awareness.

A General Guide To Hire PHP Developers

PHP today is undoubtedly the most powerful web development language. The argument is backed by the fact that since its introduction in early 2000’s, today more than 3 million websites including Web 2.0 applications have been coded in this language.

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