How to Create a Booking Form in WordPress (2 ways)

Work at Home – Websites Are No Longer Optional

Do you work at home? Do you have a website? If not, you are placing yourself in a very difficult position. The fact is that in order for a business to survive today, be it online or offline, it needs a website. The good news is that the costs associated with building a website have dropped drastically over the past decade. Hence, where it used to cost thousands of dollars to build a website, nowadays it costs just a fraction.

How to Start a Website Resources

Are you looking to start a website online? Need to know where to get information on what is needed?

Website Design 101 – How to Get it Done Right and Insure the Edge Over Your Competition

This will be the first article in a series of modules intended to be read by small business owners. These modules will go through the required steps of setting up your business online to ensure you have the edge on your competition. Whether you are opening a local brick and mortar shop, or an e business.The internet is a powerful tool and you need to harness its power. This series will help you get the edge need over you competition. Remember every little detail can add up to make a huge difference.

Making Your Website a Success

With the importance of the internet growing daily, you can’t overlook having a website as being an essential part of your company. Today everyone spends more time on the internet, surfing, shopping, reading and informing themselves online instead of on location. It’s easy to get overlooked should you have skipped this very important part of making your business successful. Having a successful website means having a successful business. The popularity of the internet has grown to such an extent that many businesses have turned exclusively to online sales and advertisement.

PHP Web Development – 7 Ways PHP Web Development Helps Business

PHP highly interactive and allows creating websites which have been used at a mass scale in today’s technological world. PHP is the most famous language nowadays as it is an open source and requires no costs in implementation. PHP web development is about making a user friendly website for internet users.

Three Important Aspects to Remember About Site Flipping

The Internet has come up with various ways and means in which one can make money online. Some are easy while others are a bit difficult. One of the most important and easiest ways to make money via the Internet is site flipping. Site flipping basically means a person books a certain domain name and either creates a website, or sells only the domain name to someone who requires the name.

Let Your Website Flourish & Grow With WordPress

WordPress was originally released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and was used as a blogging platform for many. It’s popularity increased and since it has become an open source CMS (content management system) for websites.

Build Your Website, Put it in Safe Hands, Sell it For BIG Cash

Did you know that a website like was created by a collage kid in his doom, it was just a play project but because he had all thing going right for him. is priced now at about over $100 million. How about…

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