How To Create A Custom Registration Form With WordPress + Avatar & File Upload + Front-End Editing

The Thrills of Web Development

Web development is a term which encompasses a variety of activities to make websites more appealing, more consumer-friendly and possibly to enhance productivity of a company, a small business, a government website or even a non-profit site. When you speak of web development, there are many things that are considered like web designing, updating web content, improving network security and many other marketing and e-commerce development strategies. Now that the web is as popular as other media like television, radio and print, there is a need for constant online development for company sites, official sites, informative sites, marketing websites and…

Website Construction

Constructing a website is not something to be taken lightly if you are looking to create a professional website for your business. There are many factors you must consider when first deciding what is best for you and your business. The cost is one thing, but it is by far the least thing to consider when it comes to constructing a successful website that will create the kind of professionalism, ease of use and potential customers your business needs.

Starting Your First Website And Some Things To Consider

Starting your first website can be tricky, there are numerous points to consider, and numerous factors within those points. Let’s consider starting up first, I’ve covered hosting in a couple of posts in my time, but I will reiterate now. Hosting Unless you’re certain that your site or business is going to receive a massive quantity of traffic immediately, it’s not of great importance to start with an outstanding host; most blogs, band websites, small shops etc.

How Uninformed Decision Making Can Ruin Your Site’s Design

The late great graphic designer Paul Rand had this to say about business clients: “It is their uninformed, unfocused preferences or prejudices, their likes or dislikes that too often determine the look of things. Yet, much of the time, they are not even discriminating enough to distinguish between good and bad, between trendy and original, nor can they always recognize talent or specialized skills.”

Web Development For The iPad

Since their release in 2010, the iPad has taken the world by storm. It soon became clear that people were opting to surf the web more and more often using their iPad device. But what has this meant for web development? Creating a website for an iPad is not like creating one for a regular sized computer (even if an iPad does have a similar screen size), nor is it like creating one for an iPhone or other smart phone device.

What Do You Mean You Don’t Have A Website?

You only have to look around you – TV, Billboards, Newspapers, Leaflets, Adverts, Shops…… Website Addresses are everywhere. It’s a fact, if you want to increase your chances of any sort of success, whether it is personally, professionally or in a business context, you really NEED a website.

PHP Zend Development – Making Web Development Easy

PHP Zend development services have led to the development of highly functional websites which are easy to expand and manages. The Zend framework has made web development easy and its highly advanced features like support for multiple databases and rich in-built library have made it popular among the users.

Why Medical Website Development Needs A Different Approach

Medical website design requires a different approach to that of many sectors. Regulatory bodies in the UK have hard and fast rules about what messages companies can communicate to consumers around products and to healthcare professionals and failure to abide by the rules will incur hefty fines.

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