How To Create A Dropdown Menu In WordPress in 2021

What Is Mozilla’s Thimble Editor And What Does It Mean For Web Development?

Last month, Mozilla (the guys behind the ever-popular Firefox search engine) announced the creation of a new tool, known as Mozilla Thimble, that would enable people to create a fully functional website in a matter of minutes. Whilst the app has not yet been officially launched (Mozilla are still in the process of working out some of the bugs), the question on many people’s lips is what sort of effect is this app going to have on those who work in the web development industry? After the success of their Pancake project, Mozilla Labs (the experimental network that…

The Tools That Should Be In Every Web Development Library

Everyone who works in the web development industry, from the professionals who have decades of experience under the belts to the students who are studying the craft part time, needs a set of tools in their library that are aimed at helping them keep up with the ever changing realm of the internet. The aim of this guide is to outline some of the more must-have resources, hopefully encouraging developers everywhere to update their libraries: Code Editor If you are planning on working in web development as your career and not just a hobby, there is…

Should SEO Be Included In Web Design Packages?

As a web designer, you have probably asked yourself the question, “Should SEO be included in web design packages?” more than once. Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer to this question, but there are a few things that you should think about when determining whether or not to provide this service as a regular part of your web design packages.

Staff Leasing: What Is It?

What is staff leasing? It is a process undertaken by several companies which can be compared to the practice of hiring temporary employees. However, it is important to note that employee leasing is not the same as hiring interim workers. In fact, the practice works to the advantage of the employees involved.

How To Make A Website From Scratch

What you need to know to learn how to make a website from scratch. Your 2 primary options are reviewed.

Why Choose a Professional Web Development Company

Just about anyone can create a website for any reason. All you need to do is get a domain name and use a template to create your website. However, this isn’t the best way to create a website for a business. A business needs a website that looks professional and stands out from the crowd to help attract more visitors.

How To Develop Your Own Website

Do you know what web developing is? If you are a web developer and do not know how to explain your job to others, then this article is the answer to all of those questions. The word web developing is referred to as the development of different types of websites over the internet. This development procedure includes a variety of tasks such as scripting, network security, web designing, server side, web content development and web server along with e-commerce development too.

Should You Do Your Own Site Or Have It Done For You?

To do or not to do your own site is a valid question. Do you want to make money or make websites? Will techie problems stand in the way of you becoming the next internet super star?

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