How to Create a Simple Quiz to Increase Sales On Your Site

Reasons and Ways for Quantifying Your Code

For software developers and those working in the technology area, quantifying can be a very tough job. However, doing this is very essential as it helps in different areas of career, including performance appraisal, communicating upward in the hierarchy, working effectively with non-technical business units, and making sure that your contribution is valued in your organization. Measuring the value of apps built, scaled, monitored, tested, and supported becomes quite tough. Some appraisers analyze work accomplishments defined by circumstances, actions, and results. What problems were faced and what actions were taken to solve them, and what was the result of the solution? These are the things which are analyzed.

Website Design and Development Projects Need to Be Documented Carefully – Know More

A website designing and development project may only succeed when it follows a proper plan of action. Documentation of various project requirements and functionality helps developers follow the right course within a stipulated time frame. The progress of a project may be hindered by a number of unforeseen factors. Under circumstances when a project falls off track, a clear documentation of facts helps in its quick revival.

4 Technical Tips For Creating a Website On A Shoestring Budget

As you can imagine, because I started in this industry as a virtual assistant, I speak with a lot of entrepreneurs about how they can build a website that not only looks good, but also generates leads and sales for their business. And a lot of times, those entrepreneurs choose us to build their website because we know how to save them money while still creating a website for them that rocks. As a new business owner on a shoestring budget, the idea of investing in a website can be pretty scary, so allow…

How to Keep Your Website Updated and Useful – Know More

Web maintenance and support has turned out to be a vital segment in building a successful online presence. Upon identifying the need for website maintenance, you must satisfy all doubts and queries in this regard. Your business is bound to run more smoothly when you lay your focus on website maintenance. For driving quality traffic to your website you must build an effective web presence.

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Website Monitoring Service

Most webmasters know the value of quality website monitoring service and ensure that such service is in place on each and every website they operate. However, simply outsourcing this service to a quality service provider isn’t always enough. While website monitoring service is one of those rare services that pays for itself, you still want to make sure you get the most out of the service you invest in. Here are four ways to ensure you are doing just that.

Why a Website Monitoring Service Is a Must

Your website visitors are seeing a 404 error page. Do you know about it? As heart attacks are the silent killer among human beings, website downtime is the silent killer of websites, especially ecommerce websites. If you have a website, the first questions you need to ask yourself are, would you know if your site went down and how long would it take for you to figure it out?

Hold Your Web Host Accountable With Website Monitoring Services

If you’ve ever shopped for or purchased website hosting services, chances are that you’ve seen a number of hosts, including the one you pay each month or year, claiming an uptime rate of 99.9 percent. The question is, are they really delivering on that promise? When it comes to something as serious as the hosting of your website, you need to be in a position to hold your hosting company accountable. The only effective way to do that is with a quality website monitoring service.

Mobile App Template Design Guidelines

Mobile app templates provide developers with a quick and easy way to begin developing an app. Buying app templates are easy, but make sure you select the right one that suits your business. Here we discuss a few tips for selecting the right mobile template for your app.

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