How To Create A Website For Beginners [NO CODING]

Some of the Benefits of Using Joomla (CMS) for Your Website

Ever considered using Joomla for your website content management system? This article goes over all the benefits of using the Joomla (CMS) System.

PHP Development Services Give You the Most Complete Business Website

PHP is one of the most popular modern-day web development server-side scripting and programming languages. Known for its versatility and for being a highly secure framework, it brings with a bagful of functionalities and advantages. It also brings with it clarity of design and code and well-organized modules. Hence, there is little doubt that availing PHP development services gives you the most powerful and stable business websites possible with open source software.

The IT Industry and Web Development in Bangladesh

The IT industry in Bangladesh has known many ups and downs in the last few years. However, there are certain sectors such as web development and hosting that have registered increased revenue and have contributed greatly to the economy of this country. With the advent of the Internet, it is not surprising that the number of IT companies in Bangladesh, members to the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services, has increased from 17 to 326 in 2009. The competence and competitive nature of the IT companies operating in this country have played an important role in the popularity outsourcing to Bangladesh has gained. In Bangladesh, Internet utilization and software export have started to become common only after 1996 and since then, this country has gained a leading position on the Asian market.

Web Development Company: Factors That Constitute The Best

Everyone knows that web 2.0 is complex to go along with, therefore it becomes essential to select a trusted web development company in order to own a striking website. Everyone looks for a company, which is capable of handling even the complex requirements with its expertise and domain acumen.

5 Emergency Parachutes to Deploy When Your Website Drops in the Rankings

Seeing your business website start to fall in the search engine rankings can be devastating if the majority of your business comes through the web. However, the ups and downs of industry have persisted since the beginning of commercial trade and they’re not likely to change any time soon. That’s why having these parachutes tucked safely away in your proverbial emergency pack might mean the difference between smooth sailing into the next updraft – or watching as your business splats onto the concrete.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Magento Development Company Over A Freelancer

The above article explains the advantages of choosing Magento as the preferred choice for developing an eCommerce website. It also explains the benefits of choosing a Magento development company over a freelancer.

What Are The Core Features Of A Web Design And Development Company

Since this is an era of new information and communication technologies, websites have become easy and quick means to make money for the tech entrepreneurs and individuals with little interest in internet. This has led to the proliferation of websites and blogs across the digital world. Every day brings new sites online.

What CMS Is and Why It Is Important to You.

CMS’s, Content Management Systems, are everywhere, and unless you are building a site requiring heavy customized server-side web apps using a CMS for your website just makes sense. Look at some of the popular choices, and find out why you should use a CMS for your website.

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