How to Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress 2 Ways

All One Needs To Know About PHP Smarty Development

Today having a website up and running is not enough, it must also be attractive, informative and interactive to appeal to the online visitors. PHP Smarty Development helps you have a website that is highly flexible, dynamic and fast loading.

What Makes A Website Successful On The Internet?

The word website does not require any introduction in today’s world where everyone is well aware the advantages of this platform. A website can do wonders for you as an individual or a business enterprise. You can earn much more profits than a traditional business store through a website.

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress, Almost

Anyone from beginners to software engineers can use WordPress to create functional, attractive blogs and web-sites. There are two different versions of WordPress that can be used and This article will cover the difference between these two versions.

How Magento ECommerce Development Helps in Business Expansion?

Magento is a highly flexible and scalable platform that enables users to expand their online business through efficient Magento development services. Magento development helps an online merchant to get a quick start and a rapid development and provides users with better shopping experience.

Why a Web Development Company Is Better Than a Freelancer

Designing and developing a website, is an important step to launch your business’ web presence. In this aspect there are only two entities you can turn into to help you build your website: a web development company and a freelancer. Find out why we choose a web development company over an individual web designer.

Should You Recycle Code During The Web Development Process?

Whilst every custom made website is different, there will be cases when you might be tempted to use the code from a past site, changing a few elements like the size and the colour, to save some time. This raises the question of whether custom web development can include recycled code or, when this occurs, whether it is somehow detrimental to the process. But is there really anything wrong with recycling code?

Tips To Improve Coding And Web Development

There are members of the web development industry who spend their days writing code that could be considered a work of art, then there are members who spend their days altering this code to meet their own demands. If you are a developer that falls into the latter category, the following tips might prove to be highly useful in helping you to improve the way that you code:

How Your Ideal Software Development Company Should Be?

If you have decided to outsource your software development needs, you may be in search of a good development company who can provide you with the required solution. You might have also asked different people, “what makes a good software development company,” and probably you would have got multiple answers to the same question.

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