How To Get More Social Media Followers With These 5 Growth Hacks

Google in 2010

Last year, Google Chrome has increased its popularity with its faster method of browsing the internet. Its auto update feature was also included as well as the customizable theme of the window for a personal touch. Not only did Chrome steal the spotlight from existing browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, it also made a talk about what is to be expected from Google in 2010.

Going Deeper With User Experience in Design

In website development, UX/UI design primarily defines how websites work, how users interact with websites, and how users accomplish tasks. In our profession, we have User Centered Design methodologies to help us know how to implement web interfaces that are usable and intuitive. There are countless articles and books written about these UX best practices, discussing the importance of sketching, personas, wireframing, design patterns, etc…which are all well and good.

Setting Up FTP in Dreamweaver

Okay, you created a Web site and tested it, and you’re ready to upload it to the Web. It’s time to put the Dreamweaver publishing tools to work. If you’re using a commercial service provider, you most likely need the Dreamweaver FTP features, covered in detail in this task and the remaining tasks in this chapter. Note that you must complete the site-setup process, before you can configure the site for uploading. You also need the following information from your Web hosting service.

Microsoft NET Framework Secure Coding Guidelines

Since its unveiling in 2002, the Microsoft.NET Framework has solidified its place as one of the most popular and robust frameworks available for web application development. From a security perspective, the framework provides a series of classes that make it easy to write secure code and implement strict data validation.

Create My Website – Understanding HTML, the Basics

If only I could create my website. You can! With the arrival of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Web Editors, it has made it possible an ordinary person building a website, but it definitely helps to have an understanding of HTML.

ASP DOT NET Development in India – A Practical Option

India has emerged as a practical choice of many companies abroad for ASP.NET development. Considering factors like costs and easy availability of international level skills, many companies are comfortable with choosing Indian firms as their partners in ASP.NET development. This article briefly gives the reader a gist of ASP.NET development in India.

Starting a Social Networking Website From Scratch

Have you wondered what it takes to create your own social networking website? This article tells you exactly where to start off, what software to use without becoming disappointed or loosing money.

WordPress Headway Theme Review

A review on the very flexible Headway Theme for WordPress. Is this the right solution for you?

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