How to Make a Link in Bio Page in WordPress (Linktree Alternative)

Dedicated Resources for Web Development: Be Careful When You Choose

What is ‘dedicated resources?’ The technical and intellectual manpower that can be hired from a company, by a client who requires them for a part or whole of his project functions such as development, testing, designing or maintenance or all of them is called a ‘Dedicated Resource.’

Building a Website Step by Step: The Beginners Guide

Building your own website may sound complicated especially if it is your first time. But you just have to remember that if you have the courage to do it then you will have no problem creating it. You will find a lot of websites that will teach you how to create your own website.

Hire PHP Developers for Your Businesses’ Website Development

PHP is one of the most popular server side scripting language. One of the striking feature of PHP is open source. PHP is light weight and easy to use scripting language comes with bunch of free open source software like WAPM, LAMP, XMPP (server platforms), MySQL(database platform) and much more. Lots of framework available for PHP again for free.

iPhone and iPad Application Development – Designing App Icons

When any iOS designer submits the mobile application, he/she has to also submit the icon along with it. The process of developing an icon could consume a bit of time but its returns are handsome too.

The Clash of Giants: Google Vs Microsoft

New competition battle zone is emerging: Hand-top devices. The biggest players in it are Google and Microsoft, each trying to take the battle to their own zone. What is the competition all about? Which will win??? Read this article:

Movement in the Mobile Application Market

The mobile application market has suddenly exploded with exponential increase in the number of smart phones sold. The popularity of smart phones is increasing just because of the features that can be added through downloading the applications. Local Search and updates: The technology based on location has brought great changes in the world of mobile applications.

Creating a Press Release Website With A Press Release Script

The internet medium has become an important part of one’s life today, and the more we want to explore the web, the more we get to witness some of the best application tools that not only bring business to us but enhance our position in the virtual world. If you have finally decided to launch an online venture that has your own content-driven website, but do not know how you should go about it, then press release is just the thing you require at the moment.

Using Server Side Includes Facilities

You can use Server Side Includes facilities for working with different frames during graphic design. This article does not just look at the functionality of this facility but also the best ways in which you can promote its use for the improvement in your web capabilities. It is an important tool for improving the specific performance of various pages on your server.

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