How to Make a Website with Astra | 2021 (Astra Theme Tutorial + Elementor)

Benefits of PHP Web Development

PHP is one of the most popular server side scripting language used for web development. Programmers and developers from all over the world are extensively using PHP for creating websites and web applications. Individuals and organizations hire dedicated PHP programmers on a regular basis to fulfill their web development requirements.

Setting Up a Domain Name the Right Way

As a former Fortune 500 web and application development strategist, I never had the chance to see how the company registered domains or who was handling hosting. We had systems set up, company lawyers who handled property rights and a slew of people responsible for protecting company assets. When I started my own business to work with small and mid-sized companies to develop websites, I could not believe how they were handling one of their most PROTECTED and most VALUABLE company holdings – their company website domain!

A Write Up on Website Development for Small Business

Small business website development is the real key to the success of small and medium business enterprises that crowd the web world today. The companies do not have the resources to go in for sophisticated, high-end, fully software-loaded websites that big Corporates and business conglomerates indulge in usually.

The Right Web Application Development For Your Business Needs

There are many web applications that are designed to help businesses streamline their operations, and the Internet is one of the most important tools that any business can use to meet their business needs. Whether it is setting up an intranet for communications, e-Commerce applications to process online business, or Flash environments for business websites, there is a web application that can be developed to make your life easier.

The Internet for Beginners

You’ve been online for a little while, but now you want to understand the basics of a website. Learn a little about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. (There is a small mention of Flash.) With this basic understanding you can start to see how much really goes into creating your favorite websites.

How the Cost of Websites Has Come Down Over the Last Couple of Years

In today’s technological advancement, having a website or online presence for your business has become a very essential part for marketing your company. Business owners who depend on the traditional way of marketing their company and who depend solely on the sales they get from their physical storefront have a slow growth on their customer base compared to business owners who exploit the benefits of having a virtual storefront and physical storefront. Although there’s the benefit of having the sales increase more than usual, there are still some businessmen who are skeptical and reluctant to invest in a website for their business. One of the reasons for this is that some business owners do now know the expected cost for building a website. The cost for developing a website has drastically come down over the last couple of years but do you know how did this happen? Can you rely on the low-cost websites offered by freelancers and web developers nowadays?

Tablets: Another Consideration in Web Development

Let’s face it; many people are still not enamored with tablet PCs. Thousands may already own an iPad or any tablet but there are still plenty of individuals who choose the bulkier but more feature-rich notebooks or even netbooks. The tides of change cannot be stemmed though and tablets will become a major platform in personal computing in the near future.

How a Webpage Works – Columns, Rows

You’ve started to get used to using the internet, now you wonder how a website works. There are a few basics of the way a webpage functions that you can learn about.

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