How To Start A Blog For Dummies [MADE EASY]

What Are the Web Development Trends for 2014?

With every passing day, web development is going through tremendous change. Web developers and programmers keep working on making the websites look good in order to build a strong impression on the targeted audience. But it is equally important to realize that your website should offer what your customers are looking for.

SugarCRM Customization Vs Salesforce CRM Development

The above article compares SugarCRM customization and Salesforce CRM development. It differentiates them on three points – Pricing and Editions, 3rd Party Ecosystem and Duplicate Detection and Merge.

Instant Communication Trend: Texting and Live Chat

What is the biggest trend in communications today? For almost every cell phone user, it is SMS, or texting – the most popular means of instant communication that allows you to multi-task. Send a text and keep doing what you were doing until the response comes back, and the cycle continues.

How To Be The Owner Of A Successful Website Or Blog

Do you wish to be the owner of a successful website or blog? Read these useful tips on making a website or blog that puts you on the vast map of the internet.

eCommerce Businesses Successes With Magento eCommerce Development

Nowadays when people think to start their own eCommerce businesses, they definitely need to have online presence for their businesses. In the past days, back in about 20 years, it was difficult to handle eCommerce businesses online, but not now after invention of different CMS systems available in the market.

Creating an Attractive Website

Taking a quick look at designing attractive websites. Take potential users into consideration when you develop a website.

How WordPress Drives SEO For Small Business Websites

Everyone knows today that WordPress is a great blogging and content management platform. From the time WordPress was launched, first as only a blogging platform, and later as a website management system, it has especially attracted small businesses. Start-up businesses prefer WordPress as it can be used free of cost, offers a multitude of features, needs lesser maintenance and is highly efficient.

Things You Can’t Overlook When Looking for a Website Monitoring Service

Almost everyone knows that website downtime is costly, to both a company’s bottom line and its reputation. When your site goes down, you need to know about it the moment it happens. Most businesses realize the value of utilizing a quality website monitoring service to keep an eye on the uptime of their sites, ensuring they are the first to know if and when site downtime does occur.

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