Replace the WordPress Logo in the Admin Bar

A Multilingual Framework For Adding Languages to Your Website

How do you offer your website in multiple languages without duplicating the pages for every different language? How do you make it easy for translators to do their thing without having to become internet programmers? Here is one design alternative that might be right for you. Good luck going global!

A Well Designed Website is Like a Virtual Sales Assistant

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant – one who can answer questions honestly and quickly, who can take messages for you, who is willing to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and who is willing to work for pennies a day? We all know such a person does not exist, or do they? A website is just like an underpaid, super talented sales assistant that takes on some of your workload and frees up your time in a very unique and digital way.

Why Site Speed, Web Host Packages, Links, Text, and Tags Matter in 2010

Have you heard the latest yet? You can ‘Google’ Google’s “Matt Cutts being interviewed by WebProNews on Caffeine” to get an inkling about the big buzz on site speed. Check out some of the tools and resources he suggests but don’t freak out. You can and should take a look at your site speed, but links, text and tags matter in 2010 too!

How to Get a WordPress Contact Form Plugin

WordPress is the most popular platforms when it comes to blogs. Learn what you should do if you need a simple contact form on your blog.

What is Web Usability and Why is it Essential For My Website’s Success?

Your website is your masterpiece. Designing your own website gives you a chance to be creative and bring out your personality. But remember when designing your website that you keep in mind the web usability aspects of your design. This article explains why web usability is so essential for your website’s success.

Making a Website For Newbie Webmasters

Making a website is not something that everyone can easily do. How someone starting out can put together a decent website without having to spend a fortune hiring a freelancer.

How to Make Money With a Free Website Builder Software

Your website is like your storefront where all your goods and services are displayed for all to see and invariably place an order. Your website consists of your web pages sitting on your web host for your sales messages and lead collection effort.

Understanding Hex Colors

HTML code is the main code for the web today. However, in order to add color to your website, a good webmaster needs to understand Hex Color Codes and Values.

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