WordPress Gutenberg Editor Conclusion And More [Video 9 Of 9]


The Internet is Free to Everyone So Why Should I Pay You Hosting Fees?

I have been involved with Internet marketing and web development since 1999. The trouble with this is that, apart from people assuming you are mega-rich (which I am not), you naturally start expecting everyone to understand and know what you know yourself. I am always reminded at every turn why this is not the case.

HTML 5 and the Future of Web Design

The face of web design is changing and will soon go through a further metamorphosis. Two similar languages will compete for top billing, HTML 5 and XHTML 2.0. The two competitors appear almost equal at the starting gate, but a closer look reveals that the two APIs have similar capabilities, but there are several fundamentally differences in these two standards.

How to Make My Own Website – First Steps

Building websites is now easier than ever before with all the tools floating around these days. However, the average person knows little, if anything, on how to start up such a thing. By typing in something like “how to make my own website” in search, you have taken the first step. Now that your foot is positioned firmly in the door, we can outline the simple steps needed in creating and maintaining your first website.

Understanding Why to Convert PSD to XHTML

Before you decide to go and search for ways to convert PSD to XHTML, you first need to be told just what PSD and XHTML are. After you have identified the difference between the two, you need to then understand why you should convert both a PSD file into an XHTML file and a PSD to a CSS.

Benefits of Using Various Marketing Tools

Marketing refers to the process of generating consumers’ interest in products and services being offered by a company. There are many tools and techniques and each one of them has certain benefits. Let us discuss how these tools can be beneficial to any business.

The New CSS3 Box Shadow Effect

The Version 3 of Cascading Style Sheets or CSS3 has many exciting features that are being implemented. It has now become really easy and simple for designers to create effects with CSS3 for which they had to use Photoshop or some other image editing software before.

Taking Your Website International With a Professional Translation Company

For many online start-up businesses, they aim to satisfy the local market initially. Still, their long term goal is generally to face the international market. However, in order for an online business to venture into a new foreign market, it will have to present its website in a way that is attractive to the new market audiences.

What Not to Put on Your Website

As any website development professional will tell you the more people who come in to visit, to stay and to browse – the better! Therefore, extra gadgets become more and more appealing for the simple reason that it attracts people.

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