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A Beginner’s Guide to Building and Hosting a Web Page

Web design and development is incredibly fun. For those just getting started, I’ve developed the following guide to take you through all of the steps necessary to successfully embark on your web design and development adventure!

Designing For Web 2.0 – From Wireframe to Prototype

A wireframe is a rather ambiguous notion in web design. When preparing the design of an IT project, several concepts comes to mind like wireframe, design, sketches or prototypes. But at a time of exploding devices and new technologies like the web 2.0, it’s important to define all these notions and put them back into their current perspective.

General Process of Website Development

Websites are an essential part to running a successful business. It must comply with W3C standards, accessibility guidelines and Web 2.0 specifications.

Role of MySQL in Website Development

In the era of Web 2.0, the web has gone interactive. Social networking is a buzzword these days.

Managing Images in Web Development

Images are an important ingredient of web content. Since developers have little control over the display of website, they need to follow some norms to ensure perfect display of images on the target device. The prescribed standard of managing images while developing web pages are as follows:

Evolution of Website Development

In August 1991, the first website came into existence with authorship of Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of “World Wide Web”. Thus Berners-Lee became the first person to combine the Internet communication with hypertext.

Role of Ajax in Website Development

Find out the role of AJAX in websites. You can also read about the technical aspects of AJAX.

The Benefits of Having Music Teacher Websites

Music teacher websites are important – it has been more of a necessity than a luxury. It is a must that music teachers nowadays spend time, effort and resources in putting up their own music teacher websites. Investing into these innovations is a good practice as they tend to take their music teaching experiences to a much higher level – innovative, interactive, useful and productive.

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