Yoast SEO Tutorial | For Beginners (Set Up With WordPress in 20 Minutes!)

Free Website Building Programs – Do They Exist?

Can there be such things as free website building programs online? Is it even possible to offer a website free of charge? There are many of us that have been attracted to online offers of some free service or item that turns out to be disappointing. Is this the case with website building programs?

Author Websites 101: The Technical Side of Creating a Website

Before you get started building your own author/writer website or contracting a designer to build it for you, there is a little bit of technical jargon you should be familiar with in order to help you get through the experience. Here I give you the basics in an easy-to-understand format.

How Dot Net Is an Integral Part of Web Application Development?

Dot Net which is also known as .Net is a software platform designed to work on Windows OS. The Dot Net framework has a wide variety of tools and large number of libraries that allow developers to create diverse applications in a quick and easy way.

Designs Can Spin Your Trade Around

IT Chimes is a professional PHP Development India company specializing in PHP Web Development for creating static web pages. IT Chimes provides PHP Designing services such as Hire PHP Programmer to design and develop structured, organized, functional and search engine optimized websites and web applications that provide the desired results.

How to Choose a Professional WordPress Theme?

There are websites and websites where people sell WordPress themes and it is a little tricky to pick the professional ones from among this multitude. Some themes have great visual appeal but they fall flat when it comes to functionality and some are not compatible with recent versions of WordPress. So one needs to decide upon the version of WordPress on which the theme can run and ensure that the theme has the menu-adding functionality.

Magento Ecommerce Development: Points To Ponder While Hiring Magento Developer

Magento development technology has become essential for incredible business websites. You can hire Magento developers through outsourcing as well as can put freelancer Magento experts on your development work. Just have a look of the pros and cons of hiring experts from a well established certified company and freelancing services.

How Can You Maximize Conversions on Your Website?

Once you have a website that sells something, and everything is up and running, you will start to wonder how you can get more out of your traffic. There are usually a few more sales per thousand visitors to be squeezed out, but getting at these is sometimes more effort than it is actually worth. This is why we do split and multivariate testing.

Techniques for Conversion of PSD Design Into HTML-CSS

There are many different techniques for conversion of Photoshop designs into HTML/CSS web pages. Graphical files prepared in Photoshop can be converted manually, with a help of special software or by conversion professionals.

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