What is PHP and How Do I Use It?

PHP stands for personal home page. If you have heard people talk about using PHP and are wondering what it is and how to use it this article will help you.

The World of Web Application

Have you ever browsed through various websites dealing over a variety of subjects and information as well as trade and commerce? There are several functions that are enabled within a site. You may have made a certain payment for an airline ticket online or even an online auction where you made a bid for a certain product.

The Genius of Website Creators

This is an age where the internet rules the trend of the commercial world. When you decide to buy a product or even take the assistance of a service provider the first thing that would come to mind is looking over the internet and searching for the same.

Revamp Websites With Custom Design

The concept of web design encompasses the task of developing hypertext or hypermedia content which a user can access through the World Wide Web. Through web design websites are created. The concept entails more on designing rather than development, i.e. taking care of the graphic elements, look and feel and other aesthetic feature. It is different from professional web development which often concentrates on the technical aspect of the website.

Yahoo Store Development – Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you want to be a serious eCommerce player then the easiest way to start an eCommerce venture is to set up a Yahoo Store. Within a few years, Yahoo Store has become a popular and affordable eCommerce alternative for businesses whether big or small.

The Website Pages – How They Come Together is Amazing Technology

The magic of technology is best viewed as you open the home page of a website. Here is the way it all happens.

First Steps Before Starting a Website

If you decided that you want to appear on the internet and have a website, first you have to think over a few basic things. What would you like to advertise or sell online?

What Are Mini Sites?

Mini sites are very small websites, and only contain one or a few webpages. These are highly targeted pages that focus only on one product and are optimized for only one or two keywords. These websites are very effective in getting your customers to make a purchase, simply because they are focused on only one product. Every piece of content on a mini site is to describe the product, and convince the visitor to make a purchase.

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