How to Create a Reusable Social Media Block in WordPress

Get More Leads With These 7 WordPress Plugins

If you want to get more leads from your blog or website, you should utilize proven marketing strategy to maximize your current site traffic. The plugins below will help you increase visitor response and promote viral distribution of your content, and are essential to help you increase website profits.

Developing Website Quality Through Website Evaluation

Not only do website owners buy a website without getting a guarantee but they also don’t bother to really check or evaluate what they just bought. As a website owner how do you ensure you have a quality website that has been designed for its purpose of attracting visitors and getting them to take the action/s you want?

How to Write for Web Visitors and Search Engines

Visualize your site achieving top search engine results. Now imagine the wonder you would feel if your well-ranked website’s copy jumped off the screen, lodging itself in the mind of each site visitor, and unconsciously causing every one of them to take the action YOU want them to take. Think it’s rocket science? Think again.

How to Hide the Address Bar in MobileSafari

While the iPhone packs a lot of resolution into its relatively small screen, the address bar consumes about 60 pixels of real estate by default when a page is loaded in MobileSafari. With either 320 or 480 pixels available to the viewport, 44 of which are reserved for the bottom toolbar, it’s necessary to maximize every available pixel.

Format Your Website for the New Mobile Web

Most websites and web pages can be made 200% more usable for iPhone visitors in under 5 minutes using 1 line of code! While it’s possible to make the web sites more presentable on an iPhone in a variety of other ways, giving more information to the phone about how the webpage should be displayed in the browser will automatically create a more condensed view of your website for your customer.

iPhone’s Affect on Mobile Business

The greatest inventions in history have evolved from a need. They’ve usually solved a problem that plagued a lot of people.

Some Useful Tips For WordPress Developers

This article is framed to describe the some useful tips for WordPress developer. A web programmer should take the mentioned factors into consideration while customization and implementation of web portal powered by WordPress.

Affordable Small Business Web Development

The reach of internet and accesses to the websites is increasing exponentially so much that it is now being considered a media equivalent to the print. The websites are a direct competition to the business directories.

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