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Some Good Places to Find a Magento Developer

Reliable and Experienced Magento developers are always needed to setup new sites, customize design and make adjustments. The article will tell you about some good places where you can find a Magento developer you can rely on.

How to Make Your Website Useful

There are tons of websites on the Internet but not all of them are useful both for a visitor and the website owner. And I don’t even mention here the websites created by amateurs on their kitchen just to tell their friends they have a website on the Web. There are many websites created on the by-order basis that don’t carry any information.

What Do You Really Think Of Your Web Developer?

Do you have a website for your business? If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, it’s likely that you will have had to work with a web developer at some point during its creation.

Web Development Languages: Which Is The Best?

The question above of which web development language is the best is very rarely answered subjectively. In fact, a quick search engine check results in numerous blog posts and forums littered with people giving their own opinion with nothing but their experience of a few languages (and sometimes only one!) under their belt.

How Does CSS 3 Ease Professional Web Development?

CSS 3 is one of the latest web development technologies. This article talks about some of the ways through which CSS3 eases professional web development.

Three Ways to Increase Your Website Profits

Your website is up and running and you’re ready to make your mark on the World Wide Web. You’re getting some traffic using pay-per-click ads, but your website profits just aren’t what you expected them to be. What do you do? You need to work on increasing your website profits using proven techniques that actually work.

Top Five Website Mistakes That Online Entrepreneurs Make

The Internet has changed the world as we know it. Everyone knows that today’s most successful businesses work hard to establish and maintain an online presence. There is no doubt about it – there is money to be made on the World Wide Web. The problem is that many online entrepreneurs make five deadly website mistakes that can cost their online businesses serious profits in the long run. If you don’t want to fall for the common pitfalls of running a website, keep the following advice in mind.

How to Properly Manage Your Website Downtime

Website downtime is, unfortunately, an inevitable fact of life for online business owners. While there are things that you can do to minimize the downtime of your website, you have to plan for times when your site will indeed be down due to routine procedures like maintenance or upgrades. Why is it so important to manage your website downtime properly?

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