11 Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress Users

Using Keywords in Websites

Using keywords in websites is a serious matter for anyone looking to grow, build and maintain the traffic coming into their website.  Whether you are trying to sell a good or service or your site is geared towards affiliate marketing, keywords are vitally important.  Properly using keywords in websites can make a world of difference in the number of visitors your site enjoys and consequently the number of sales that you make.

Hire Web Developer and Move Ahead for Effective Web Development

Hiring web developer can make a person to move one step ahead for effective web development. In this article, a beam of light has been thrown over the importance of hiring web programmer.

How to Pick Keywords for Your Website

How to pick keywords for your website should be at the forefront of your thoughts where your online marketing endeavors are concerned.  Keywords, as the name indicates, are indeed “key” in your success online.  Keywords should be the words that you feel best sum up what your site is all about.

Why Choose Groovy and Grails for Web Application Development?

Why it makes sense to use Grails web framework for web application development. Grails is an open source web application framework which leverages the Groovy programming language which is built on top of Java.

J2EE Platform

In software industry, there are two major platforms supporting the software production due to size and speed. They are.NET platform and J2EE – Java TM 2 Platform Enterprise Edition of Sun.

Why We Use CakePHP

CakePHP is a rapid application development platform, free open source and uses the PHP programming language. Its architecture was created for programmers to create Web applications. Main goal of our foundation is to create a structure platform that allows you to work on a structure quickly without losing flexibility.

Competitor of Adobe RIA and Silverlight Has Appeared

Since Internet transmission has been growing rapidly, Web application also follows that development. RIA (Rich Internet Application) is a term for Web application that integrates audio, images, video… These applications can run independently or run inside a web browser, even in mobile devices and television.

Why We Need a XML Database

Can you store semi-structured data in the relationship structure? Of course you can, but you can end with a specific data structure that frequently change a data structure that generalizes to lose the labels’ description of an abstract model that the content management system use and mix data with something that is called metadata.

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