20 Ways On How To Instantly SPEED UP Your WordPress Website

SharePoint 2013 – An Overview

Social computing, ECM, Search, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Integration of multiple cross-functional platforms have become a must for every organization. SharePoint provides the scalability, agility and capability required for providing a comprehensive solution to address these needs of an organization by providing a robust framework to quickly build, manage and deploy Enterprise Portal Applications that leverage content management, collaboration, search, composites and business insights to connect and empower people, cut costs with a unified infrastructure, rapidly respond to business needs and work with external partners and customers. It has been widely adopted across verticals and across geographies (with…

Is Sitecore the Ideal Content Management Solution?

Today, a web CMS is just one type of technology you need to consistently deliver an excellent customer experience. While your web CMS is a crucial component, today you must look at it as part of a larger customer experience management capability and it should also fit perfectly from the perspective of a marketer as well as a developer. The article talks about the considerations that we need to follow while choosing a CMS and how sitecore fits in to the scheme of things.

Effective Content Strategy Builds Strong Strategy

Content strategists aim to deliver valuable content across different media channels to help build strong brands. As change agents they help companies develop approaches to sell their products and services. They are publishers who decide what information should go out, how they should be crafted and in what format and how frequent they should come out at which channels. Content strategists are therefore integral to content marketing.The business case of content strategy is simple. There is no shortage of information in this age of web and social media revolution. Consumers steadily get an avalanche of information seamlessly delivered to them. Consequently consumers are increasingly tuning out making outbound marketing ineffective, along with the rest of traditional marketing strategies. This places content strategy at the core of marketing.

Speed Up Your Load Times With These Web Development Tips

If you have never really thought about how fast your website loads before, these statistics might just change your mind and show you how important speed actually is. For example, the average smartphone user will leave a website it hasn’t loaded within 3 seconds; Google actually considers page speed as being an important factor in search engine rankings; and around 75% of users say that they will not return to a website if it hasn’t loaded within 4 seconds. Fortunately, you can improve the speed of your website with some web development tips.

Benefits of Web Development Companies

You have to improve and change yourself according to the changing trends if you want success in your business. Online business faces a lot of problems related to the up-gradation because the online world is more prone to the changes. You have to choose the best web development company in order to get the success in your business.

10 Points to Remember When Developing a Website

Your company’s website is how the “virtual” world will view you from now on. With millions of users online every day, there are endless opportunities for you to capitalize and become very successful. In order to get ahead online, you have to ensure that you develop a website that will sum up what your company is, what services/products you provide, and how your services/products can benefit your target audience.

How to Go for Site Maintenance Without Offending Your Visitors?

Site maintenance should be done minutely as it must keep the functionality of your site intact while refreshing its looks. However, during site revamping you must also ensure that your visitors are not offended and hence, you must take proper measures to inform your visitors about the same.

5 Basic Web Development Tips: How To Fine-Tune Your Website

Web development is a never-ending process. But you can make it a bit easier on yourselves if you could follow few basic rules regarding the design, architecture, writing and SEO.

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