9 Best GoDaddy Alternatives in 2022 (Cheaper and More Reliable)

3 Mistakes in Website Development That Can Turn Off Website Online Reputation

In order to gain the best online reputation, development of website needs the touch of professionalism. Consult the professional web development services provider firm before committing three major mistakes through self development of websites.

Content Management Systems – Why Should I Build My Website With One?

Why would you want your website built using a Content Management System (CMS)? Well, there are quite a few compelling reasons. A CMS is driven by a database that stores all the content of the website and only delivers pages when called for by the users’ browser. The CMS has a “back end” where content is added to the database, and all you need to do it is your browser. This changes everything! It means for the first time a site owner can make changes to their website when they want to and how they want to – read on for more information…

Why Use the Universally Accepted PHP Start & End Tags?

Learn which php start and end tags to use and why. There is a difference. PHP developers have a choice to between the regular PHP tags, the short tags and the ASP tags. Learn which is the best.

Keeping it Legal – Privacy Policy & PCI Compliance

One of the most overlooked aspects of a website are the legal disclaimers such as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This article is designed to help you put together these important web documents to keep you in compliance with federal law as well as Google (and other Search Engine’s) best practices. Privacy Policy The Privacy Policy is extremely important.

The Easiest Way to Add a Date From PHP to MySQL

Learn a simple process, and add dates more easily from PHP into MySQL. Use two variables in PHP $today and $now in conjunction with the date() function.

Create a Gallery With Drupal and Thickbox

Powerful features and special effects are not something that only big websites with plenty of cash to burn can afford. In fact, most of the neat design features you see nowdays are pretty easy to get right – some with practically no programming required. Let’s look at how to create a basic image gallery using Drupal, Views and Thickbox.

Patience is of Virtue in Business

I dreamed about how it would feel the day my website went live. I would then be considered a legitimate business owner.

Flash VS HTML 5 – A Web Design Agency’s Dilemma

The iPad was released on the Australian market last week to the usual Apple hype. People lining up outside the iconic Apple store to be the first get to play with the new toy. Regarded as a revolution in the way we browse the web, it has brought with it a new headache for all designers and developers of websites.

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