Add An Affiliate Program To Any WordPress Site With The SliceWP Plugin

Learn How to Convert PSD to Drupal Theme

How to convert PSD format based files into Drupal theme? The process of coding and integrating PSD web design into Drupal based theme involves several steps. In this article, the complete quick-list of steps of PSD to Drupal integration has been discussed in brief.

Quick Glance at Check List to Hire Dedicated Web Developer

Hiring right dedicated web developer plays relatively significant role in bringing highest quality of polished results. In this article, a checklist to compare and evaluate dedicated web developer to hire right person has been given.

PHP Renders Improved Performance, Reliability, Versatility, Speed and Efficiency

PHP is seen as one of the most competent platforms for the web application development. Its remarkably developing programming language source for dynamic web development services having the potential to further in the race.

Business Directory Software: Important Definitions You Should Know To Get Started

Business directory software can be used to create your own online business where you list businesses that may fall into a certain category. While you are creating your business directory, there are a list of words and concepts that you may come across and are important to understand.

Building A Web Site – How To Build A Site

Building a web site in 24hrs or less may seem impossible to some, but for those who have the knowledge, this is as easy as writing a letter. Building a web site is a learnable skill and once mastered will serve you for life.

5 Tips on Creating Online HTML Forms

My daily routine includes checking the implementation of web forms by my clients. When checking the forms, I have noticed that the same mistakes are made again and again, so I thought that writing some tips on creating online HTML forms would be helpful. First of all, let me clarify, when I say “forms” I mean the “online forms” or “web forms” or “HTML forms” on a website.

Why Adequate Planning Is Essential When Building A Website For Online Business

The success or failure of an online business depends on several factors, but of course the primary concept of a site plays a significant role. One of the most common reasons why some online businesses fail is because the owners who start those businesses fail to recognize the importance of adequate planning. All too often, people who are new to online ventures get caught up in a “time is money” mentality, in that they feel they need to get their business up and running as quickly as possible.

Get Web Design Work Through Social Media Platforms

If we’re out socializing, let’s say at a party, there would be a variety of friends there. People from your high school, possibly, old friends, new friends and their friends. Then, let’s say, you heard that one of “their” friends is in need of a web designer. A light bulb would probably illuminate in your mind and tell you that you need to go speak to this person and let them know you’re a web designer.

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