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10 SEO Tips For Website Developers

Creating a new website? Selling products on your website? Want to add more functionality to your website?

Are Your Landing Pages Perfectly Optimized?

The landing page on which a prospective customer arrives is perhaps the most important one on an affiliate marketer’s site. Getting business depends upon the call-to-action on this particular page. A well-optimized landing page can dramatically increase your chances of converting prospects into business and then graduating customers into clients.

How to Use the PHP 5 Autoloading Classes Feature to Automatically Include PHP Files

Autoload is a new feature introduced in PHP5 that you don’t have to explicitly require or include a PHP script file that contains the class being used any more but it will be automatically loaded or included when needed. For example, with PHP4 you would have to write something like this: require_once(“foo.php”); // foo.

Three Ways to Create a Squeeze Page in Minutes

Creating a squeeze page is a necessary part of every marketing campaign. Here are three ways to get it done quickly so that you can move forward with your sales flow.

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Specialist Build Your Website!

Do you have this really beautiful website with great graphics and music but nobody knows about it. Or do you have a site that gets traffic but it never amounts to anything because of the sad site that you built. Would you like a website that looks good or a website that works great?

Creating a Squeeze Page to Promote With PPC? Include These 3 Elements

Creating a squeeze page? If you leave these elements out, you may not get traffic or opt-ins to your page!

Website Developers – Finding the Right Website Development Services

Website developers do not always offer the same services and with many different providers and companies out there who can offer their services for your website development needs it can be hard to choose which one is right for your needs. You need to make sure that you take the time to check out all of the different services that are available.

Understanding Basics of Cloud Computing

In Information Technology industry Cloud Computing is one of the most talked about and discussed topic. This article provides an easy to understand definition of this technical term and its main advantages.

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