How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website In 2021 (Simple Guide)


Five Mistakes You Make While Choosing a Web Developer

The web design process is extremely crucial to a website. A good, attractive and intelligent web design not only lays down the foundation for desirable viewer ship and much sought after critical acknowledgement, but also helps the website feature high on search engine results by complementing, enhancing and promoting the content it contains. Hence choosing a good web designer is an important task, one which needs to be carried out wisely and patiently. Following is the most common mistakes that you may commit while choosing the web designer for your website.

How Can You Get The Maximum From The Web Site?

A web site is a medium by which a company can present its products in front of the world. Modernized website drives more traffic than an inactive website.

4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Development Company

The person you choose as a web developer is very important for any business. Whether the website will be a tool that is highly functional or a basic presence, investments need to be made. The web developer will have the role of capturing the brand of the company while building the face of the business online.

Five Reasons to Use a Premium WordPress Theme

WordPress is great; one of the most powerful website platforms available (for free), it allows you to build easily customizable websites in no time at all. Even better, there is a burgeoning market of premium, pre-designed themes just waiting for you to tweak and make live. You can have a great-looking, fully functioning, powerful website inside a matter of hours. Here are five reasons why choosing an off-the-shelf premium theme is a smart idea.

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Premium WordPress Theme

One of the most powerful and popular website platforms around, WordPress has gone from simple blogging engine to super website builder. When it comes to getting the website you want, there is a huge assortment of ready-made premium themes that you can buy for less than $50. But before you go chasing after the cut-price site of your dreams, bear in mind that sometimes you get exactly what you pay for. Here are five reasons why an off-the-shelf premium theme might not be the answer for your website build.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Developer

In this digital revolution age, websites play an important function in enhancing one’s business by connecting new customers from around the world. Websites are proving to be an important resource. They have become an important platform for providing and receiving information.

Track and Measure Your Website Results With Google Analytics

Are you tracking your results? Do you know how successful your online marketing efforts are? Do you know where are your website visitors coming from and which pages of the website are attracting or even losing visitors? It’s important to track and measure the return on investment for all your marketing activity. How can you track and measure your website. Let’s see…

Mobile Monitoring Strategies

The mobile environment does not consist of a single delivery system to a standardized device interface. Therefore, different strategies need to be deployed to monitor different types of content. Both emulated devices and real devices are employed for mobile monitoring, and a review of both content delivery and monitoring objectives will help determine when each should be used.

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