How to Get Word Count Stats in WordPress (3 Ways!)

Optimize Websites With the New Google Analytics Code

Google Analytics is a great free service to track visitors. It does not provide results in real-time, but it still offers tracking of many parameters which can be used for detailed statistical analysis or to optimize the website according to the nature of visits.

A Few Important Qualities a Professional PHP Programmer Should Possess

A few good programmers contribute to forming a good developing team. It’s a group of individuals who should be technically sound. Read through to know the qualities of a good PHP programmer.

Make Your Own Website For Fun Or Profit

I understand why you want to make your own web site. You probably have a customized page on MySpace or Facebook, and you enjoy it. Sooner or later though, you realize its not enough.

Advantages of Using WordPress For Your Website

WordPress is open source software which can be used on any sort of private or business website free of cost. It is one of the most innovative and contemporary publishing platform with a focus on web principles, aesthetics and usability. WordPress comes with many advantages such as.

5 Steps to Establishing and Launching Your Website

In today’s environment you NEED to be on line. There’s no ‘if’s, ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’ about this. You have to have a site on line, and more importantly, you need to be the root control for it. Hosting yourself on free hosting (on a sub domain) isn’t enough now – it makes people think that you’re not truly invested in your site, and extends the length of your domain name to possibly unmemorable lengths. So what can you do?

Open the Window of Opportunities For Your Business With a Web Development Company

Glad to know that you are a businessman with a great desire of developing your business. Before speaking some final words, I would like to ask you some important questions.

What to Look in For Web Developers

It has been observed that on line marketing has distinctive advantage in deciding the outcome of any business. To go online business firms need help of web developers. This article gives a brief about the things to consider before taking the service of offshore firms.

Simple Steps to Create a Live Website From Scratch

To create a website from scratch you need a domain, web hosting and a simple content management system. In theory, all the required steps are very simple.

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