How to Display Most Commented Posts in WordPress (Step by Step)

iPhone Application Development – Crucial Role of the iPhone App Developer

As the market of the iPhone grows dramatically, the demand of the iPhone applications is also going on increasing. This development cannot be thought of, without hiring the services of any professional iPhone app developer. This does not mean that developing the iPhone app is very complex in nature.

Web Sites For Beginners

Where do you start with a web page. Simple guide for the older learner. Jargon turned into English.

How Can I Actually Make Money From Web Sites? How Does It Work?

These days, having a website in conjunction with a traditional business is not a nicety but a serious requirement to be taken seriously. In fact, I know of some businesses that are run exclusively on a website platform but even if you are still running a traditional business, a website allows you to have a greater reach for clients as well.

A Better Approach To Planning A New Website?

Businesses and organisations often find themselves in the process of planning a brand new website, or a replacement or amendments for an existing site. Now this article isn’t about colour schemes and fonts, it is more fundamental than that. As a professional web designer, I am often presented with the requirements of the business in terms of the pages and navigation structure that they want me to implement for them.

How Can I Upgrade My Web Site From a Free Host to A Paid and Safer Solution?

Having a website is a great start, but you want to have the piece of mind that it is safe from being shut down. Free sites are not a reliable long term solution, so I explain the process of upgrading from a free site to a paid solution.

Some Vital Resources for the Web Developers

Most of the web developers are always on the hunt for ways to make their work as easy as possible. In these times of tight competition the web developers need to deliver the website design in the shortest possible time without compromising with the quality.

How Can I Create a Quick Web Site To Promote My Product or Myself?

Creating a quick website is possible, even for the novice. It requires the use of some free tools available online, and most people, by following some basic rules can be online in a day. I explain one way to achieve this goal.

6 Ways To Make Your Website Standout

You website is the central information hub for your business and having clear and concise copy that communicates the right things is a necessity. This article provides some helpful hints in improving your website copy.

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