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The Tools And Resources That Are Handy In Web Development For The iPhone

Many who work in the web development industry find the iPhone (and smartphones in general) highly intimidating, especially if they have never worked with applications before. With the popularity of this Apple device on the rise, however, development services for the device are becoming hard to escape. The list compiled below includes a number of tools, tutorials and resources that you may find useful in getting you started: Tutorials There are a number of tutorials currently on the internet that are designed to introduce you to web development for this smartphone.

Things That Make Your Website Slow To Load

Admit it or not, you hate a website that takes forever to load. Time is of the essence every day and surely, you would not want to waste a few seconds waiting for a website to load if you didn’t have to. Especially if you need crucial information from a certain website that completes loading for more than a minute, your patience tends to wear thin.

Why Your Website Needs A Logo

There are many things that your website personifies and stands for. At the individual level, your website becomes a representation of your thoughts, interests and emotions. But for brand marketing and small business promotion, a website stands for a whole lot more.

Website Maintenance – Is It Really Needed?

In website development, website maintainability is very crucial process that ensures all the functionality of website will successfully run after it’s development. A well maintained website is the basic need for the online business. proper maintenance ensures the bright future as well as website’s progressive online reputation built-up.

Build Your Small Business Website Using WordPress

WordPress is not only a blog publishing tool but also a content management system. You can use this free CMS to create awesome website for your small business.

Types of Free Webspace Available

Free webspace can be extremely appealing if you want to make your own website, but it’s important to remember that it has its limitations. Every provider of free hosting space has to offset its costs using another method, which can significantly disadvantage some kinds of sites. Here’s a look at some of the strategies free hosts use to support their service, plus a few considerations for website owners.

Making My Very Own Website

Having your own website is very useful especially when you want to promote your business or at least feature your services online. With a website you are able to make your name visible to the online community, and people searching for your products and services would have a better reach to your works. It is also easy to make your own website, as unlike before, the resources to build your page have now become more available for you to use.

How to Raise Your iPhone Application Ranking in Apple Application Store?

Developing iPhone applications is becoming more complex day by day with the evolution of latest iOS devices and latest versions of iOS. Developers associated with iPhone application development face many challenges and one of those challenges is to get their application ranked higher within Apple’s application store.

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