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Setting Up a Website – How to Set Up a Website in 3 Simple Steps

Setting up a website for the first time can appear a bit daunting, but as this article will explain it is actually composed of just three simple steps. First you buy a domain name for your website, then you arrange for this to be hosted on the internet and finally you set up a site easily, using WordPress.

How to Create a Business Website for Non-Programmers

There are two main types of information on business sites. There are websites with every last detail of their company right down to the minute the idea came to the founder and there are websites that consist of contact details, clients and a brief summary. To create a successful business website you need to get right between both of these extremes. You need to be able to inform your viewer without overloading the viewer with useless facts about how amazing your company is but you also want the viewer not to leave your website not even knowing what you do.

MS Sharepoint Development

Companies today operate with transparent walls. Sharing information with others is the foundation of modern business, and many companies today operate with a vast network of workers, contractors, and partners. And in an increasingly global economy, even small companies have partners and customers in all corners of the world.

How to Get a Domain Name for Free

How to set up a domain name: It is so important to select a domain name which is easy to remember and which represents you and your new website. The easiest your domain name is to remember, the more hits you will receive.

How to Recognize a High Quality Website Design

Many experts will recommend that you look at a company’s portfolio before choosing them to work on your website development project. This is all well and good, but if you do not know anything about website design, how can you tell whether the sites you are looking at are well designed?

Native Mobile Applications as Compared to Web Based Applications

Whether native mobile application or web based applications, it is not the concern of companies manufacturing mobile phone devices. What concerns them is that their area of domain should not be trespassed or be subject to threat or competition. This is evident from the act of Apple, the manufacturers of iPhone.

3 Simple Steps To Make A Successful iPhone App

The procedure of creating a profitable iPhone app that rakes in constant profit is fairly simple. The procedure will need to be broken down to 3 simple steps below to fulfill your dream. This is an overview to show you the basic way to start and focus.

Extranet Portal Development

An extranet, like an intranet, is a private network which looks outwards. It allows a business to share information, documents, manage projects, communicate and integrate operations with partners, distributors, suppliers, vendors, customers or any other group of people concerned with the business. The extranet portal offers functionality 24×7 with secure access to collaborative tools with only an internet connection.

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