How To Stop Your WordPress Website From Getting Hacked (WordPress Website Security 2021)


Are You Relying On Your Web Host for Website Monitoring Services?

When you ask some website operators if they have website monitoring service in place, they’ll come back with a response that goes something like, “Oh, my Web host does that for me.” If your answer would be the same, then you don’t fully understand the nature of website monitoring or why it’s crucial to the success of your online business.

An In-Depth Look at Website Monitoring

You know that you need a website monitoring service to alert you when your site goes down or is suffering from performance issues. The question is, do you really understand how these website monitoring services work or the differences between them? Before you can be sure that your business is really protected, you need to understand the different types of monitoring available and what separates one from the next.

Accidentally Changed My WordPress Site URL or Home URL!


Drupal CMS Development: Blend Technology With Creativity


What Are Website Scripts?

Are you developing a website for your company? Where before websites were only build or maintained by programmers; now there are number of websites and programs that will guide you through the process. You will have to learn some HTML or code but the burden is much easier and more accessible to average users. The challenge you will likely have with your website is upgrading it to perform some really neat functions. While you could spend years learning code and building your own you might want to take a look at some of the great website scripts already available.

CRM Implementations Are Now Customer Experience Driven

In the past CRM implementations were focused mainly around process and functionality, however in 2013 a CRM solution is being used as a vehicle to improve customer experience. The focus is to use CRM as a collaboration tool which would help your team internal communication about a customer (between marketing sales and other client facing units) and in turn improve the overall experience of the customers. When organizations treated CRM implementations to be an ad hoc operation and not as a formally constructed corporate initiative, we noticed most of the CRM initiatives failed.

The Robust Growth In Mobile Application Development Outsourcing

While these devices have dissolved the walls of offices and made it possible to work from anywhere and anytime, people do expect a lot more from them. This trend has thrust a huge demand for mobile application development outsourcing and especially building new line of robust and versatile applications on the Windows 8 platform for a variety of requirements.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Site for Uptime

If you run a small personal blog and your site isn’t profit driven, you probably aren’t very concerned with the uptime of your website. If, on the other hand, you run a larger ecommerce operation and every minute of downtime equates to money lost, then uptime should be of primary concern.

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