5 Steps For Discovering Your Ideal Customer (For Beginners)

So You Made a Cool Website – Now What?

Websites are a dime a dozen, everyone seems to have one. If you are in and type of business it will be to your benefit to have a website. Having a site is only half of the battle; one must get traffic to the site.

The Framework For an Optimized Website

By no means is this article intended to be a road map to a highly optimized website. This article is intended to highlight the important aspects of on and off page optimization of websites that need to rank well in the organic search engines. Fifty percent of SEO is mechanical and should follow tried and tested white hat principals that cater to the search engines and their algorithm.

Building a Website? HTML Versus WordPress

So you want to build a website. Should you go with simple HTML or use a platform like WordPress. The ultimate answer lies in the question, β€œWhat do you want to do with your site?” Let’s look at some advantages held by each option.

Everyone’s Guide to Building a Website the Proper Way

What do I mean when I talk about building a website “the proper way”? I’m not going to talk about any one technology in any depth, but what I am going to talk about is how to understand what you require from a website in order to help you make website creation decisions. Understanding what your requirements will be as time goes by is really important now because the decisions you make will stick around in the form of consequences.

How to Create a Powerful Website That Sells Today?

If you are trying to make money online, you simply must have a well designed website. When it comes to designing their websites, many internet marketers think very short term and do a low quality rush job. Putting up a cheap or cookie cutter type website will not bring you the online success that you desire. Whatever time it takes to make an attractive website that is appealing to visitors should be considered a necessary investment in your future success. Some people think it’s very hard or that you have to be some kind of technical genius to make a good website; thankfully, this isn’t the case.

What Does HTML 5 Mean to Advertising Companies?

HTML 5 is changing the way many people are creating content on the web. Not only that, advertisers especially need to begin considering what it means to them.

The Difference Between Webpage and a Website

Very often you will hear the terms website and webpage used interchangeably. They are not, however, the same word and you’ll want to know the difference so that you use these terms you can always use them correctly.

6 Guidelines For You to Create a Fast Loading Website

As you may have heard that Google has implemented a new criterion to determine your rankings on search results, the website speed. Increasing your website loading speed is not only important for getting a high search ranking and it will also affect your visitors’ perception about your website.

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