Why you Website Looks Boring AF! (and how to fix it)

Choosing a Good Web Development Service

A truly exceptional web development company can change the way viewers perceive your company and can help you to increase the traffic to your page in an exponential manner. Building custom web applications to fit the requirements of your company will make the experience of visiting your site much more pleasant for clients and thereby increase the sales. Since your website will serve to define your brand, you should choose one of the best web development companies that you can find, so that they can help to build the brand image that you always wanted to.

No Experience Needed to Build Your Own Website

Many people shy away from the thought of building their own website because they think they need to have experience in HTML. You may even feel that in order to get a website built professionally that you have to pay a large sum of money to a web designer.

How to Create a Website For Your Beauty Salon

Your website can contribute to the marketing mix of the common Four P’s – price, place, product and promotion. You can proportion these elements as you see fit in your website, depending upon what you want from the final outcome.

Sessionless Authentication With Encrypted Tokens

Storing user credentials is one of the key roadblocks in creating a sessionless web application. Somehow you need to safely identify the user without storing data on the server nor allowing tampering on the client. If you could solve this problem you’d be well on your way to a sessionless application. Encrypted tokens are the solution.

Building a Dynamic Professional Website

How would you like to have a professional website that automatically keeps readers informed of your newest content? Imagine this: You schedule a blog to go public on a certain day, and on the main page of your website there is a large picture that updates on that certain day. The new picture is related to your new blog and directs your website visitors to view the new blog.

Use the Best Program on the Market to Create Your Website

The days are gone where you have to pay large sums of money for a website to be built. With a few simple clicks of a mouse you can build your own website simply and easily.

Online Real Estate Investment Tips From a Successful Website Owner

The following article covers my personal take on building high quality internet income properties. When you are done reading this article you will be able to get sites making you money right away.

LAMP – And Let There Be Light

What do you do when you want to carry some books? Simple, you put them in a bag, and carry the bag instead. LAMP works similarly – in this case LAMP is the bag, and the books are the Internet programming technologies Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Now it is clear why the name LAMP, as it is the acronym for the starting letters of the technologies in the stack.

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