How to Create a Personal / Portfolio Website | 2021 Step-By-Step Guide!

Discovering The Pitfalls With Cheap Hosting Service

If you go on the internet and search for a cheap hosting deal, you will be able to find it easily. There will be plenty of choices out there for you to choose from but there is something about this type of hosting which consumers need to be aware of. There are a lot of web providers out there that are using certain marketing tricks to get you to buy they service. This is due to the huge potential with the web hosting industry. Most of these companies are just out there to make quick profit from consumers. However, if you follow certain practices, you will be able to know how to avoid companies like this.

The Power Of Fantastico

With so many operating systems out there on the internet, there is one that stands out the rest and it is known as the cPanel. It is one of the favourite amongst webmasters out there. This is because it comes with a lot of features and function that can benefit them in many ways. This operating system is very popular because of Fantastico. A web-based application that allows you to do a lot of task and we will elaborate more about it here in this article.

Rising Popularity Of Mobile Domain

The technology is constantly improving every year. What is the impact that it brings to the web hosting? Well, the most significant result that we can notice is the release of new gadgets and wireless technologies which is related to the cell phone industry. New models of cell phone are emerging once in every few months and now, they are likely to affect the hosting industry with mobile domains. This is something that many people would not see coming our way.

Risks and Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development

Software companies need not have to create software from scratch. Most companies based in the U.S. and other overseas companies no matter how big or small they can be, are considering at least one outsourcing software development company to speed the progress cycles and bring the products to the market faster.

How To Develop A Networking Site

A networking website can be a valuable tool for many businesses and organisations. When building a networking site, it’s important to understand the benefits and limitations of a small-scale site.

Qualities One Should Have to Become a Successful iPhone Application Developer

Today everyone surrounded by gadgets like smart phones. Did is say smart phone? Well, most of you will just speak out one name “iPhone”. Apple’s iPhone gained lots of popularity and it is becoming brand name in the world of mobile application development.

Web Development And A/B Testing

In web development, A/B testing (also known as split testing) is used to test elements of a website in order to determine which ones will get the best response from visitors. Unlike multivariate testing, A/B tests will only compare two website elements at a time, which can make the process take a little longer, but can offer a deeper comparison than testing three or four elements would. So, what are the benefits of A/B testing during the web development process?

Three Analytics Dashboards You Can’t Live Without

Analytics dashboards basically summarize complex information into charts and graphs so that you can make decisions about how to manage your website(s). You can create your own dashboards based on the type of information you need, but, especially if you are fairly new in the online arena, using a pre-made analytics dashboard may be a better fit. These are three dashboards that provide great information and are easy to use. I would recommend them for anyone who is wanting to increase traffic to their page or pages.

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