How to Create a Job Application Form in WordPress Easily

Is Your Website Slow? Make It Faster With Few Effective Web Development Tips

Internet users are highly impatient. If a recent study is to be believed, it says that internet users do not stay on a webpage more than 5 seconds if it fails to respond. This is a major concern for you if your website is slow and takes time to open and navigate in-between the pages. You might be losing potential customers just because your website is poor and cannot act fast. Obviously, slow performance of a website is the biggest drawback for business.

How To Handle Web Development Frustrations

Through the years, hundreds of client-web designer relationship have turned sour for the reason that both parties cannot meet somewhere in the middle. Sometimes, the web development team hired to do a particular job just can’t grasp the idea being put forward by the client.

Canadian Online Payment Processing

The process of developing an online business in Canada has many unique difficulties to overcome that USA based businesses do not have. This Canadian ebusiness article details a few of the unique challenges that new online and ecommerce based websites will face. Of these the most difficult process will be setting up a professional payment processing solution for credit cards. The process of merchant account applications as well as technical integration with shopping cart software and payment gateways can be more than a little confusing for new Canadian companies.

How To Build A Basic Website

If you want to start an online business then it is critically important that you develop a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic website building and authoring techniques. Whether you intend to use these skills directly as a business building tool or simply to allow you to understand and communicate with developers and programmers. This article helps to outline the process involved with putting a website online and some techniques you should avoid if you want your website to have organic SEO value with the search engines.

Online Business: Still Stuck On The Squeeze Page?

Creating your own squeeze page is the best solution for marketers who don’t have the skill or time to develop their own 10-20 page website. Although creating it, is not as hard as developing a big website, it will still require a lot of hard work that requires some skill.

Website Content Management Solutions To Help Your Business

One of the best ways to manage your business portal is through special website content management solutions that are available online. These platforms can help you in creation, management and administration of content depending upon your own needs and preferences. The reason most people choose such systems is the fact that they have little knowledge about coding and language skills in order to build a complete website from scratch.

What Not To Look For While Hiring Freelance PHP Developers?

Selecting a PHP developer is a decision you cannot afford to get wrong. Read on to know how you can see through the tall claims to find the right programmer for your needs. Know about the Do’s and Don’ts of the hiring process.

How Flash Animation Can Captivate Your Customers

This article describes the various benefits of Flash animation. It makes your brand memorable, bring life to your products and communicates your business message quickly. It makes your website more interactive, making your visitors stay longer.

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