WordPress 5.8 Is Continuing The WordPress Trend Of Killing Popular Plugins

Web Browser Features You Should Know About

There are quite a few options for web browsers out there and this is important to us because we develop web applications. A major factor in developing web applications is considering the different browsers people will view our clients’ applications on.

What Is Web Development Exactly?

In a brief sentence, it is an effort to make a website better. The effort can cover many things such as content improvement, template modification, server configuration and many others.

What Makes A Good Website Great!

Do you know where to start in building your own website? If so can you also get the much needed traffic to your site? And can you convert a good website into a great website?

PSD to Magento

Built using Zend framework, in the year 2008, Magento has been considered as the best e-commerce content management system available till date. Although, only the community version of Magento is free, yet it still proves to be handy for web-developers and users alike. It too is based on PHP and is compatible across all platforms.

How To Find A Good PHP Programmer

PHP programmers are the professionals who make websites for people. They are highly skilled professionals, and a lot of companies and individuals need their services for making of their websites. If you want a website for a business, you should make sure that it is created professionally and for that, you should outsource your work to a good PHP programmer. You can follow a few easy steps to evaluate your need for a website developer.

How to Monitor Your Website

In today’s world, it is critical for every organization to maintain the best possible performance and reliability for its website. However, website monitoring can be complicated; there are a lot of factors involved. Here are some suggestions to make sure every aspect is covered.

How to Monitor an SMTP Server

When a user in an organization sends an email, a lot happens behind the scenes. When the user clicks send, the message is handed off to a service running the simple mail transport protocol (SMTP). It is the job of the SMTP service to contact the recipient mail server and transfer the message to the mail server. If the SMTP service stops responding, mail cannot be sent.

Monitoring Website Performance Effectively

Most website monitoring services send an e-mail once they detect a server outage. Maximizing uptime is important, but it’s only part of the picture. It seems that the expectations of Internet users are increasing all the time, and today’s users will not wait very long for a page to load. If they don’t receive a response quickly they will move on to the competition, usually within just a few seconds.

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