How to Add a Reading Progress Bar in WordPress Posts

Web Developing is a Team Sport

If you have basic knowledge about HTML or can devour the FAQ page of WordPress (a content management system) and install it on a server, you can have a website up and going in about a day. Now, to design a website that SELLS is quite another story. You see, in order to come up with a website that makes money, doing it alone can be hard. What you need is a team because who focuses on different parts of the business – this is why I often say that an online business is a team sport.

How to Create Custom Error Pages

You’ve no doubt seen them before – pages that simply say something like “Error 404 – File Not Found” or other similar messages. Many times when people hit these pages, they’ll simply click away and go elsewhere. This could mean a lost sale, newsletter subscriber or lead.

PHP – Most Popular Web Development Language on the Scene

Among other programming languages available in the market, PHP has secured a very distinct place. A number of associated benefits…

My First Website – Preparation

Everybody has a website. Reasons and purposes for having websites can be very different–from personal websites where you can publish your latest findings and thoughts to commercial websites where you can something. If somebody does not have a website then there is either really no desire for publishing or lack of information on how to create a website.

Best Joomla Templates Reduce Website Development Time

Website development is often one of the most time consuming features of starting an online business. Luckily, any business would be able to discover a means to reduce that time noticeably when they look to take advantage of the best joomla templates.

Hire a PHP Developer For a Unique and Dynamic Website

Today, all want best and dynamic website for their online business to expand worldwide. For that, the use of best hire PHP developers or hire PHP programmer service is increasing because PHP has dynamic features to develop unique web pages and websites.

Custom Business Application Software Development For Small Companies – A Brief Analysis and Review

There are a number of custom business application software companies providing off-the-shelf custom business software which is customizable. The list includes companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

Web Application Development

Web development is one of the most significant processes in search engine optimization. A company needs to continuously grow its website so that the search engine spiders can sway more in its favor. Apart from the technical skills, a web developer also needs to have sufficient knowledge of the market, along with great writing and marketing skills. The process of web development continues even if your website has been designed and uploaded over the internet.

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