WordPress SEO Tutorial for Beginners (2022) – How to Optimize Your WordPress Site

Five Ways to Make Any Usability Test More Credible

Usability testing is an important part of successful websites and applications. These five tips will help get your insights more credibility by making the usability issues quantifiable and actionable. The tips work for sample sizes from 2 to 2000.

Good File Management – An Important Factor For a Great Website

Imagine you hired a company to build you a beautiful new home. From the outside your new home looks lovely, but you realize on opening the front door that none of the interior doors are installed but leaning against the wall in the main living room. Instead of moving into your new home, you’re stuck finishing the task that the construction company neglected to finish. Unfortunately, too many people are faced with the same sort of frustration when they take a look at the back end of their new websites.

What is a Website?

Are you feeling bamboozled by the many terms being bandied around these days? Website, home page, web page, blog, landing page, sales page, web 2.0. You are not alone.

Flex Development – Enhancing User Experience by Creating Enthralling RIA

In the present times, Rich Internet Applications have gained quite significance in web development industry. More emphasis is laid on developing livelier websites. The idea is to attract the attention of the online visitors by making websites more interactive.

Cost Effective Web Load Testing Solutions

We all look out for a cost effective web-load testing solution which can run more realistic solutions. The load testing solutions with load generating agents should test from multiple geographic locations. Web applications should be tested in various conditions with regards to traffic. Virtual testing an application with different traffic levels should be an option as it is a realistic need for any web site owner.

Why Hiring a Good Flex Developer Matters For RIA Development?

Adobe takes mighty pride in its open source RIA development platform – Flex. Flex is based on the Flash framework which enables the web applications to run visually rich content with multimedia playback. Additionally the latest version of the Flex SDK 4 makes the life of the Flex developers so easy that it cuts down considerable debugging and testing times.

3 Important Features of Website Builder Software

There are a lot of tips that are available to help guide you through the process of choosing your website builder software. However, there are several features that almost always overlooked. The biggest reason for this is that these features are not always immediately important, but rather features that are necessary to make your website scalable and able to last throughout the duration of your small businesses lifetime.

A Quick Look at the CPanel

I know what you are thinking, cPanel ( short for control panel ) that sounds like a pretty daunting prospect, unless you are a computer expert or a website programmer. Well absolutely not, the progammers have made it as simple as possible, with “novices to website creating”, foremost in their thoughts. The time will come if you want your own website, to choose a hosting provider, and you will definitely want to select a host that offers cPanel…

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