Jetpack WordPress Plugin Dashboard Overview In WordPress (Step By Step Tutorial)

Interactive Maps Bring Websites Alive

Interactive maps are great for guided tours of museums or college campuses, both on the web and in kiosks on location. They can be valuable in teaching students and learners of all ages about geographical locations, and encouraging exploration of countries, regions, communities and cities.

Web Design Developments and Choosing The Right Smartphone – Part 1

Let’s face it, phones have become an increasingly important tool for the way that we access information on the web and the way that we communicate with each other in business. From scheduling that important pitch to sending those vital figures to your colleagues at a moment’s notice, making the right choice with your smartphone could make all the difference when you’re trying to land that big client or updating your e-commerce website from almost any setting.

Web Design Developments and Choosing The Right Smartphone – Part 2

In Web design developments & choosing the right smartphone – Part 1 we outlined a few of the major pros and cons that you’ll find with Apple’s ever-popular iPhone device. Now let’s turn to that other business big-hitter and find out whether a Blackberry might be the right choice for your company.

Is Your Website User-Friendly?

Confusing websites, hard to find merchandise, and hidden prices all serve to send visitors to some other site. Avoid these mistakes and make your site the “friendliest store in town.”

Does a Website With Flash Animation Attract More Visitors?

Can adding some or lots or flash to your website attract more visitors to your website? Could flash increase your traffic levels? Or is it completely overlooked and ignored, or worse?

How to Plan a Website: Ask the RIGHT Questions

Sounds great, but how can you make sure that everyone can post their blogs, update their landing pages, and share the latest multimedia goodness with the world? To do that you need to share the content creation love, and unless you’re a company full of web savvy techno geeks, you’ll be needing a Content Management System (CMS).

Does the Colour of My Website Have an Impact on Visitors?

Can the colours used on your website really effect your traffic? Why could a garish colour scheme reduce your search engine optimisation?

Hire Interspire Developers for Interspire Development and Customization Services

Today where Interspire is one of the best ecommerce shopping cart applications available in the web and features some of the most unique SEO friendly structures, but yet when it comes to implementing unique look, modifying features or altering the structure, the application may appear very tricky. In this article, know more about Interspire customization service and its growing benefits.

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