How To Create A Blog : For Beginners [THE EASY WAY]

Understanding a Website Monitoring Service

Since the advent of the Internet, the world as we know has been changed. How we communicate, shop, and do business has evolved to adapt to this new Internet era. Good customer service is no longer enough to compete in today’s marketplace. Your website can make or break your company’s reputation in a heartbeat.

DNS Uptime, Backup Hosting, Website Monitoring Services, and Failover Support

The issue of DNS uptime is often a topic that is ignored until something happens to your website. When you set up your website, you are likely focused on the look of the site and the site’s content and SEO rankings. Downtime, however, is an issue that you should also take into consideration before the inevitable happens. You need to ask yourself what you can do to ensure that your site experiences minimal website downtime.

How to Place a Value on Your Website

You’ve spent countless hours building and establishing your website. But when the time comes for you to place a value on your website, how do you know how much it is truly worth. To help you understand how values are placed on websites, we have put together some helpful and interesting information.

Outsource PHP Development to Get a Service Studded With Benefits

Empowering companies to go beyond the delivering successful operational value, outsourcing has well and truly established itself as an activity that has no static current. The companies dealing in software, particularly, PHP software development, have begun to realize that all the research that goes in to hire a PHP programmer pays off, and pays off really well.

How Custom Magento Development Helps ECommerce Stores Flourish?

With the rapidly growing competition in this web world, it has become indispensable to come out with unique solutions and seek support of customized platforms to attract clients. Magento is one of the robust open source platforms, which has been built to help online store managers to cherish complete control over their website. Since, Magento is available in three distinct editions including Professional, Community and Enterprise editions, it offers more choices and high flexibility.

Measuring RIA Responsiveness

Before considering the particular challenges of measuring Rich Internet Applications, we first review some fundamental aspects of Web application measurement. 1. Reasons for Measuring Applications As Keynote Ex.

Embrace the Yii Framework for Delivering High Value Applications

Yii has been fast emerging as a select framework, owing to its advanced structure and capabilities. Combined with its innovative insight of developers, Yii can help in building projects that take technology beyond the customary scales.

Steps Involved in Undertaking Bespoke Web Development

Before you start off with a proper and functional website, you have to understand what the website is going to be all about. There are many different types of websites and until you know what is the role that you want yours to play, you cannot develop it in the right way.

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