How To Add A Free Optin Form Popup In WordPress – Using A MailChimp Optin Form

Basic Components of Any Simple Website

Any website is basically made up for 4 components – 1 – Domane, 2 – Hosting, 3 – Content and 4 – Visitors. Technically a website is complete with first 3 only but 4th components completes it from purpose perspective. A website without visitors has no meaning!

The Website Build it and They Will Come Myth

People who are beginning to build their own website or internet based business often believe that if they simply have a web site then people will find them and business will begin coming in effortlessly. I have built and maintained websites for my own business and I can verify that just because a website exists does not mean that people will visit it.

5 Tips to a Better Web Portfolio

Recently, I built my personal web portfolio website. After doing so, I noticed 5 things that I thought could improve almost any web portfolio.

Making Money From Your Own Website

Affiliate marketing basically is all about making your own website that you can use to sell other people’s products online. This is probably one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make any kind of money online. But contrary to popular belief being successful with affiliate marketing is not just about your website becoming popular with lots of page views.

Dot Net Development – Providing Solutions For Every Business Needs

The Internet and the World Wide Web have seen intense advancements in recent times all over the world and India has been no exception. asp net development in India has progressed fast and is also being offered on an offshore basis to companies outside the country.

5 Website Usability Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you want to build a popular and profitable website, you must pay attention to usability aspects. Many webmasters neglect this, and they end up losing many visitors over the long term. Below you’ll find 5 very common usability mistakes that you should avoid.

The Good and Bad of Offshore Website Development – Which Way to Go

Offshore Software development services and web services have been the buzzword from last decade in industry circuits. In the last few years, website development services have seen the prime and peak of success. However, industry leaders and business analysts have assessed some good and bad of it.

Personalizing a Project Management System For Your Business

When starting a personal business each of us has a great deal of dreams and expectations about the future. When these dreams begin to take shape we are more than happy, but as the business expands we also have to spend increasingly more time taking care of it. As more and more people are hired, every manager feels that things may get out of hand at any time. Every person has to have certain tasks to complete and also a determined time to do it. A company, be it small or large, will not thrive if a single person has to take care of all these things.

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