How to Embed a Twitter Feed On a WordPress Site

How to Make a Website

All over the world, there are many people who are looking for ways to make their own websites. There are many reasons why you need a website. For example, to show your opinion on a subject, to make a good business, or to offer your services and to show a product that your company has created.

A Web Developer and Their Browser

For many less technical users, when you mention a Web Browser, they often either don’t know what you are talking about or think Internet Explorer is the only one available. However, for more technical people, especially web developers, Internet Explorer is simply not an option, with browsers like Firefox and Opera being a much better choice.

Importance of Content Writing For Websites

The information age has brought the explosion of information. This has become possible due to the growing popularity of the Internet. The internet has brought extensive information on all sorts of subjects and professional fields.

How to Plan a Website – 7 Frequently Asked Questions

The success of your website depends on how much planning you do beforehand. Read the answers to these 7 frequently asked questions to avoid mistakes down the road.

Website Disaster Relief – The Top Reasons Why a Website Fails

Each time this website disaster occurs the bar gets raised in terms of willingness to commit the time and finances necessary to achieve the intended online marketing goal. It seems that small business owners, once willing to devote thousands of marketing dollars per month, are now wanting to take a step back and reconsider whether online marketing is for them at all.

Are Advert Servers Slowing Down Your Website?

Slow loading web pages lead to low user satisfaction, page abandonment, and loss of ad revenue. With faster internet speeds, user expectations have only risen, so it is important to make sure your content, as well as third party content such as advertising, loads as fast as possible.

Web Development Company – 7 Stages of Web Development Life Cycle

Hiring a web development company is a tough job unless you know the minimum basics of a website creation. This is why because the web development companies may try to cheat you by pricing high to develop your website, if you don’t know at least the common things involved in the development of a website. So, here I would like to discuss the main stages involved in the web development life cycle.

Website Success – Top 5 Steps

This article explains how to increase your new website’s chances for success. It outlines the five most important steps to take, which include the following: keyword/niche research, creation of the content, and promotion of the website for monetization and growth. The information in this article is for beginning website developers.

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