WordPress General Settings Overview Tutorial For Beginners (Step By Step)

Create a Business Website – You Can Create One Too

When you Create a business website it can be quite a challenge, I know it was for me. Let me help you get your business website up and running, but first you got to have a idea for your website theme, after that you can start the website building process. So let’s begin.

What Makes a Good Website Proposal and How to Write One

The idea of writing a website proposal can seem at times overwhelming to some freelance web designers. Why you ask? Because being skilled in the art of writing code, working with software and in general developing great websites, doesn’t necessarily translate into being able to successfully sell your services to a prospective client. Still, writing a proposal is not out of your reach and I’ll show you how!

Converting Images to Beautiful Themes for Your Joomla Site

If you’re using Joomla then you probably know already that there are pre installed themes available that you could use for your own website. There are also some themes that you could download through different Joomla website sources available on the internet. Of course there are themes that come for free and some that come at a price at different price ranges depending on the components installed and the complexity of the whole theme.

Why You Should Prefer Joomla

A lot of people are already appreciating the versatility of using Content Management System or commonly called as CMS in creating websites. Who wouldn’t? CMS are perfect when you’re handling with a lot of data since just like what CMS stands it manages the content that you put into your website.

The One Year Anniversary of an Internet Adventure

This is the story of an individual’s struggle in life during a poor economy. While RJ is in the midst of a new career the world changes and leaves RJ with no job, no prospects, and a sense of being lost. As a person who always looks at all things positively, RJ searches for a direction. Having zero knowledge, less money, but filled with a positive attitude, RJ begins a quest for knowledge during the construction of his new Website and business…

Building Your Own Website Is Much Easier Then You Think

If you are new to internet marketing then you’ll most likely be in a position where you need to start building your own website. Well thankfully as internet marketers we don’t need to know a thing about creating a website in order to do it.

Different Kinds of Website Contents You Can Develop

If you are planning to setup a website, or already having one that needs freshening up, then you may think about what kind of content you can create. One of the secrets to gain more visitors is to always keep your site fresh and interesting. For this purpose, of course you need to provide new content regularly.

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Website

Web design and content does matter. Minor changes can have a major impact on your website that gives you more traffic and expands your business. With these five easy steps you can enhance your website!

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