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How to Select the App Developer That Is Right for You

Application Development is a process that has just recently come to light. Many people are still unsure of exactly what an app developer is able to accomplish. This is very scary if you are interested in hiring someone to complete these tasks for while there is a great deal of talent available there is also a lot of options where the developer may not know exactly what they are doing.

Crucial Steps You Need to Take When Website Downtime Hits

Your website goes down and your website monitoring service has notified you of the fact. The text message or phone call has come in and you’re now aware of the site outage. The question is, what happens next? Here are some things you need to do to proactively get your site back up and running as soon as possible and minimize the damage the downtime can cause.

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Website Monitoring Service

You, like many other website operators, have realized the value that a website monitoring service can provide. You understand that downtime equates to lost profits and one of the best tools in your anti-downtime arsenal is quality monitoring. After all, the first step towards fixing downtime is to know when it is happening. The question is, how do you know which website monitoring service to pick? Here are five questions you need to ask before choosing any service.

Fragmented Mobile Market: A Blessing In Disguise For HTML5

Experts believe that the technology is going to play a vital role in the future development of cross platform mobile applications by overcoming the mobile fragmentation issues that the industry has been struggling with so far. This will lead to the rapid growth of technology by increasing its demand among developers as well as the users.

WordPress Website Development – Becoming A Popular Choice Today

Expert WordPress developer knows skill of WordPress Template design and development, WordPress customization and WordPress theme design. These can give your website, your liked touch with pinch of expertise.

Programming Dynamic Website and Web Applications With Sophisticated Languages

Web programmers are required to be knowledgeable about the significant programming languages that aid the design process of a website. It is important to be conversant in HTML, PHP, ASP.NET and several others to create customized, dynamic and highly interactive websites for small to medium and large businesses.

Why Should Companies Consider Building a Mobile Optimised Website

For many years, designers and analysts have been pushing the importance of catering for mobile users. At first, it was merely a novelty. Having a WAP site made your company look forward thinking, progressive and “in touch with technology”. Technology has moved on, however and mobile web design today is not a novelty; it’s a necessity.

Demand Generation in 2013

The Next-Gen Marketers are overwhelmed with a host of newer technologies that have emerged to deal with the various pain points and challenges encountered. Marketing Automation services continues to blossom and fuel the Demand Generation activities of organizations. However this is just one side of the coin.

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